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  • how to speed up macbook pro

    How to speed up a MacBook Air or Pro

    The problem when a MacBook is running slow may appear unexpectedly. There are some Mac-addicted users who will patiently wait for the next more powerful MacBook and macOS release to solve the problem. However, we recommend that you first try the easy tips and tricks that will help you to speed up an old MacBook […]

  • how to hide videos on mac

    How to hide files on Mac

    For whatever reason, you may want to hide some files on your Mac and limit access to them. In our previous article, we explained how to show hidden files on a Mac. Today, we provide the guide on how to hide files on a Mac desktop. Contents: 1. How to hide files on a Mac […]

  • mac library folder

    Mac Library folder – how to get to Library on Mac

    Despite the fact that Apple keeps the Mac Library folder hidden from users, it’s good to learn how to show the Library folder on Mac. You may need to access the Library folder when you need to clear cache, remove the app’s leftovers, edit preference files manually, etc. In this article, we explain how to […]