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  • Something Amazing is Coming

    Over the years we, Nektony, stand on guard for purity and speed of your Mac. During this time we have released a set of tools that allow you to remove all the debris from your Mac and make it work smoothly, fast and stable. As a result, we have collected all the cleaning tools together […]

  • Mac OS X Cleanup Suite Update

    Breaking Wednesday’s news! Our latest applications bundle – Mac OS X Cleanup Suite gains new features. We have replaced old Boost & Memory with Memory Cleaner X that is a perfect fit for other bundle applications: ClearDisk, Duplicates Expert, Disk Expert and App Uninstaller. The app evaluates file size of junk files, duplicates, large files […]

  • Mac Cleanup Suite and Memory Cleaner

    As some of you know, Boost & Memory in the latest update became Memory Cleaner X. What changed besides the name you can read here. Nevertheless, Memory Cleaner X has another feature that will be appreciated by those who use Mac Cleanup Suite. The point is that the lower part of the interface is responsible for synchronizing […]