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    Something Amazing is Coming

    Over the years we, Nektony, stand on guard for purity and speed of your Mac. During this time we have released a set of tools that allow you to remove all the debris from your Mac and make it work smoothly, fast and stable. As a result, we have collected all the cleaning tools together […]

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    Mac OS X Cleanup Suite Update

    Breaking Wednesday’s news! Our latest applications bundle – Mac OS X Cleanup Suite gains new features. We have replaced old Boost & Memory with Memory Cleaner X that is a perfect fit for other bundle applications: ClearDisk, Duplicates Expert, Disk Expert and App Uninstaller. The app evaluates file size of junk files, duplicates, large files […]

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    5 Remarkable Tips of Mac Cleanup Suite

    Mac Cleanup Suite – bundle of 6 Nektony cleanup utilities for Mac OS X. 5 specific tasks you can do with this toolbox: Cleanup similar folders. One of applications – Duplicates Expert searches not only for duplicate files and folders, but similar folders as well. Find 25 biggest files for any folder you select. Right […]

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    Mac Cleanup Suite – bundle of 6 Nektony utilities

    We are happy to announce Mac Cleanup Suite – bundle of 6 Nektony utilities: Disk Usage Analyzer. Quickly and easily find the biggest, bulkiest files, so you can remove or back them up as needed.Space Analyzer makes the process simple and intuitive so you can clear space faster. Duplicate Finder. Find & Destroy Space-Eating Duplicates. […]