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  • how to speed up macbook pro

    How to speed up a MacBook Air or Pro

    The problem when a MacBook is running slow may appear unexpectedly. There are some Mac-addicted users who will patiently wait for the next more powerful MacBook and macOS release to solve the problem. However, we recommend that you first try the easy tips and tricks that will help you to speed up an old MacBook […]

  • free up space on Mac

    How to clear space on Mac

    In our previous articles, we described how to сheck free disk space on Mac, what is “Other” on Mac hard drive and what to do, when Startup Disk is almost full. Today we want to share useful infographics about the steps, you should take to clear space on your Mac. 10 Tips to clear space […]

  • how to force quit in mac

    How to Force Quit an app on Mac

    It happens that apps on Mac don’t always respond to user commands, so active processes still occupy the system memory. You may need to force quit apps to fix a frozen Mac. In this article, we share the ways how to close frozen programs on Mac, including the case when force quit on Mac is […]