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  • Mac Task Manager

    If you have just switched from Windows to Mac you may find out that most key shortcuts don’t work on Mac. For example, when an application crashes on Windows, a command Ctrl-Shift-Esc is used to bring up the Task Manager and quit the offending process. What about a Mac? How does one kill such processes […]

  • View CPU usage

    How to check CPU usage on Mac

    In one of our previous articles, we gave instructions on How to see memory usage on Mac using Activity Monitor or Memory Cleaner X. Today we are going to study Activity Monitor in greater depth and learn how to check CPU usage on Mac. The Activity Monitor utility is a Mac performance monitor which shows […]

  • terminal commands

    Top 8 Useful Mac Terminal Commands

    Mac users are not often faced with the necessity to use the command line, as most needs are realized in the system graphical user interface. Sometime it is necessary to put on another pair of shoes, though, when you need some hidden features that are not available from the GUI. Then you can not do […]