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  • Mac memory eaters

    Top 5 Memory Eaters we all use

    In this article we consider memory usage on Mac and which applications are the most greedy in use of RAM. Immediately it is worth to mention that we shall consider only those applications that are used by the majority of users and will not involve heavy professional programs. Also we will use the average mac […]

  • free up RAM

    How to clear RAM on Mac

    There are situations when you do not have enough RAM memory for a good Mac performance. In this case, you need to clear RAM on Mac as soon as possible. In this article, we will share three methods of how to free up RAM on Mac to make your system run fast. Contents: 1. What […]

  • add ram mac

    iMac RAM Replacement

    Some time ago 4 gigabytes of RAM were enough to work comfortably on a Mac computer. But not today. When it comes to even simple tasks, such as surfing the Internet with a browser with just a few tabs open, the minimum RAM capacity will be too slow for your Mac. Due to the high […]