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  • delete monosnap videos

    Trash Hunters #7: Monosnap Videos BackUp

    Monosnap – convenient and simple program to record video and screenshots from your monitor on Mac. We often use it to record clips on our youtube channel. In today’s article we are not going to criticize the application, just describe how your files may take up unnecessary space on your hard drive because of safety […]

  • Trash Hunters #6: Delete Dictionaries

    Language resources or localizations are great space waster on your Mac. There are two types of them: Localizations for various applications. Localizations for Mac itself. In first case you can use our app ClearDisk, that finds all caches, logs, language resources and gives the ability to free up Downloads and Trash folders. If you use […]

  • remove dektop pictures

    Trash Hunters #5: Desktop Pictures

    Probably, like the most of users, you don’t change desktop pictures everyday. Some users have their own custom wallpapers downloaded from the Internet. Thus, majority have a completely useless folder ~ Macintosh HD / Library / Desktop Pictures that contains 52 images of 432.52 Mb, 8.32 Mb in average. Size champion is a galloping zebras […]