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    Duplicate File Finder Tips

    Today we tell you how to configure accuracy and speed while searching for duplicates with Duplicates Expert, protect the files you need, and other tips for using the application. To go to PrimeFile Preferences click , + ⌘ or Menu->PrimeFile->Preference Minimal file size PrimeFile allows to specify minimum file size for files to be considered. That is, […]

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    Mac Cleanup Suite – bundle of 6 Nektony utilities

    We are happy to announce Mac Cleanup Suite – bundle of 6 Nektony utilities: Disk Usage Analyzer. Quickly and easily find the biggest, bulkiest files, so you can remove or back them up as needed.Space Analyzer makes the process simple and intuitive so you can clear space faster. Duplicate Finder. Find & Destroy Space-Eating Duplicates. […]

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    Reset Applications

    How to delete applications caches, log items, temporary files, i.e. to reset application and start using it as the first time ever? If you launch App Uninstaller and select one of applications you may see the following image: The app shows specific files in sections. Executables – application’s program files. Note: Executables with the same identifier […]

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    How to Use App Uninstaller

    App Uninstaller is the latest handy utility for managing your apps. Besides complete uninstalling of various software, it also allows to reset and remove apps’ cache. This post covers general functions of App Uninstaller, you can also check these articles: Delete Messengers History How to Delete Remains Application Uninstaller scans Applications folder right after being started and finds all currently […]

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    Delete Remains

    Most applications store different service information on your hard drive. Such files are not temporary and could stay on your hard drive even though the app was deleted from Applications folder. Some applications create and write their temporary files in different folders, violating Apple requirements on the organization of temporary and service files. In this […]

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    Nektony System Utilities

    Nektony is a software company with products both for iOS and Mac OS X. Unlike diversified applications for iOS, all Mac OS X ones solve particular problem: file & disk management. 2 shareware programs (Disk Inspector, Disk Expert) are disk space visualizers enabling you to view your disk content in a form of intuitive sunburst […]