Permanent Deleting of Files with Duplicate File Finder v.5.0

Duplicate File Finder is a freeware utility designed by Nektony to help you to get rid of useless duplicate files on your Mac. Since duplicate content may occupy significant disk space, we recommend that you check your Mac hard drive or any external disk for duplicate files and folders, and remove unneeded items.

With Duplicate File Finder, it takes three easy steps to find and remove duplicates:

  1. Add folders or disk and click to Scan.
  2. Review your duplicates,  select unneeded files and click to Remove.
  3. Confirm removal of duplicate files and folders.

delete duplicate files mac

Remove Duplicate Files Permanently

Please note, by default, Duplicate File Finder moves the deleted files to Trash so that you can restore removed duplicates later. However, it may happen that due to Mac system errors, the application cannot move files to Trash. In such a case, the application will show you the appropriate notification.

remove duplicates permanently

If you are sure you no more need the duplicate file, click the Confirm button and the file will be deleted permanently with no means of restoring it. If you are not sure about the file, click the Cancel button, review your file and decide whether you want to remove it or not.

Give Access to Remove Duplicate Files Permanently

In some situations, Duplicate File Finder needs your confirmation in the Finder to remove files or folders permanently. In such a case, the application will again show you the appropriate message.

confirm remove duplicates permanently

Please, click the Confirm button to give access to the application to remove the file or folder you selected.

If, after confirmation, you still can’t remove your files/folders, contact us directly at [email protected]. We are here to assist you.