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Nektony Mac Visio Viewer is a fully-featured application for Mac OS X operating systems to view MS Visio files. This Visio viewer is capable enough to display MS Visio, .VSDX, .VDX, .VSD and all those Visio document formats created with MS 2000 and later on versions. In addition to viewing MS Visio files, Nektony Mac Visio Viewer delivers many other features and functions in the shape of navigating pages, operate with layers, export files to PDF, print files and even show objects shape data as well. It displays text on Mac the same way as they created for native operational systems like Windows operating system. This application easily renders documents with integrated Windows native drawing objects named Metafile images and even OLE objects also.

This app is the ultimate tool for viewing your MS Visio documents. We ensure you that you will not find an app that can be better than this one

For those that need to share Visio data in meetings without always having to ask CAD designers for different layers or files, VSD Viewer is extremely useful. The good thing is that VSD Viewer doesn`t store your Visio files online anywhere – everything is stored on your Mac for better security if you`re dealing with confidential designs and data.

VSD Viewer is a useful application for users to view Visio drawings on mobile devices. With this easy-to-use, multi-feature application, you can open and view any MS Visio drawing, even interact with them. Currently, the application is continuously being updated and upgraded, adding new features.

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Jason Lee

Works really well, even with large. Vsd files. Very happy, didn’t think scrolling would be as good as it is. Very smooth 👍

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Sergey Milanov

One and the only viewer that allows you to open and view Microsoft Visio files.

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Ben Liu

Best Visio app available on Android Definitely the best Visio app available to render your Visio diagrams in their original glory without having to convert to another format such as PDF. Dedicated development team that responds to feedback to improve this app. Recommended to everyone and worth the relativity higher price!!

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Steve Betts

As an infrastructure architect Visio is one of my main tools. This viewer has worked faultlesly with every file Ive asked it to display.

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This workes exactly as advertised. I was able to open up multiple Visio documents and save them to PDF without any issues or problems. Thanks!!!

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Great app been using for a couple of years to handle VSDs coming from other network engineers. Helps great when I’m on call and need to know network diagrams that I’m not familiar with.

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This is the best Visio Viewer for OS X. Other Visio viewers don’t render drawing properly. VSD Viewer flawlessly renders all my Visio Drawing.

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