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Certainly, every Mac user has tons of junk files on a Mac hard drive, such as cache, logs, language resources, installation files, files in Trash, downloads, and so on. All of them just waste your disk space. In this article, we show how to free up space on Mac with MacCleaner Pro.

#1 Tip to to clear up storage on a Mac
Before diving into the steps necessary to free up memory on Mac with MacCleaner Pro, just a few words about this application.
MacCleaner Pro is a cleanup utility that helps to get rid of gigabytes of unneeded files, free up disk space on your Mac, and speed up its performance with just a few clicks.
The program also provides additional PRO tools for those users, who want to perform a deep Mac cleanup, analyzing their disk space usage, removing duplicate files and completely uninstalling unwanted apps.

Follow these steps to quickly free up space on your Mac:

  1. Open MacCleaner Pro. The program will scan your hard drive and display your disk usage.
  2. free up space on mac

  3. Switch to the Clean up Mac section from the sidebar. Here you can see the types of files that can be safely removed: caches, installation files, language files and downloads.
  4. best way to clean up mac hard drive

  5. Switch to Expert mode to see more files that can be removed to clear storage space. Here you can select Mail downloads, screenshots, files in Trash, and language files for particular to free up disk space on mac
  6. Once you have selected all types of junk files for removal, click the Remove button.
  7. Confirm Mac disk cleanup.
  8. make space storage

That’s it! Now you know how to free up disk space on a Mac with MacCleaner Pro. If you need to free up even more storage space, use the Pro tools from the program to find and remove duplicate files, unneeded apps, extensions and broken service files. Follow this link to learn more about MacCleaner Pro

This article is based on our expertise in understanding the file system of macOS and cache clearing. We’ve been working 10+ years in developing special disk cleanup utilities for a Mac. We regularly update our apps and the articles according to the changes in the macOS system. For any related questions, contact us by email.

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