Arina Lenkova
Content maker
Arina writes articles explaining how Nektony's software will make your work on Mac much pleasurable. When she is not writing, she spends time creating videos for Nektony's YouTube channel and building relationships with media. You can follow her on Twitter at @ArinaLen
Author Bio
As a PR manager and content maker of Nektony, Arina fonds of writing tech articles, creating video guides for Nektony’s YouTube channel, and building relationships with media.
Arina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philology and a Master’s Degree in Marketing. In 2020 she earned a macOS Support Essentials 10.15 certificate from Apple.
In her content, Arina explains how Nektony's software products work and make the process of using Mac much pleasurable. Also, she covers technology and working on Mac in general.

Apple certificate Oryna Lienkova

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