Basic Options of Mac Visio® Viewer

Viewing Specific Visio® Formatting

      • Formatted objects (lines, arrows, fill types, colors, gradients, opacity, etc.)
      • Formatted texts (fonts, colors, styles, text subscript and superscript)
      • View objects with tabulated text (texts with frames and tables)
      • View documents with hidden objects
      • Objects outside page boundaries
      • Original dimension units
      • Documents guides
      • Visio® themes support
      • Preview documents with backgrounds

Interact with Visio® Drawings

      • Open and preview any MS Visio® 2000 – 2013 drawing of VSD format and VDX/VSDX file formats
      • Scroll, zoom and navigate documents
      • Navigate multipage documents
      • Print
      • Convert to PDF

Advanced Options of Visio® Viewer for Mac

      • Preview drawings with layers
      • Switch hidden layers visibility
      • View documents with embedded OLE-objects
      • View documents with embedded EMF and WMF metafiles
      • Print and Save to PDF your drawings

Interacting with Shape Data

      1. Enable Shape Data mode to preview assigned information
      2. Print & Save to PDF drawings with enabled Shape Data