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  • VSD Viewer is a tool to open and view Visio files on Mac computer. The app renders all the Visio drawing content (hyperlinks, shape data, layers, etc.)

    Release date: 22 June 2018

    5-stars ratings: 179

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by Mike (US)
Works awesome for viewing and sharing Visio files over presentations. Is everything that I expected.


by redlight23 (Austarlia)
Great app, renders all my Visio files correctly and accurately.

by IT viewer (US)
Attempted to get away with another “Visio Viewer” program just under $7, but it fell short of expectation when it failed the text formatting of several docs. Docs looked horrible as text labels were misplaced etc, regardless of their advertised claim. However, look no further! This Visio doc viewer “VSD Viewer” works as advertised. I have reopened all other docs which were problematic and presto! All good! Happy customer.

by frazze65 (Sweden)
This application is making it possible to nicely view Visio drawings on the Mac. To better align with the workflow a quicklook plugin is needed.

by Jbitt69 (Germany)
seems to run fine. Visualizes correctly in Yosemite, so far no crash. However, not cheap…

by Bitstreamer (US)
This is the best Visio Viewer for OS X. Other Visio viewers don’t render drawing properly. VSD Viewer flawlessly renders all my Visio Drawing.

by prd9 (US)
I occasionally get VSD files from my windows using team members and this opens and displays them like a charm. That’s all I need from it and it does what I need very well.

by itworker7 (US)
Visio is the only Windows tool I miss. But with VSD viewer I can review any visio I have or any visio someone sends me. It just works. cool.

by TheGreatUnwashed (UK)
Does exactly what you’d expect and is good value for the functionality provided. PDF exports also work well and are useful for accurate printing, I’ve had no issues using it even for very complex diagrams and would genuinely recommend it to anyone who needs a Visio viewer on Mac. Good little app – thanks!

by mreevesh (UK)
I have some very large and complicated network drawings and needed something to open them on my Mac. Tested both vsd and vdx files, all opened without any problems and all the objects, lines, text etc were all in the correct place. Negatives: It seems a little slow, zooming in to a large drawing and you are faced with the spinning beach ball for a second or 2. I would be nice if it supported trackpad pinch etc for zooming in and out instead of having to press keys or use the zoom buttons on the toolbar. All in all a good little app. I am testing version 5.2 of this app running on a 2014 mac mini (2.3 i7) with 16GB memory and OS X El Capitan 10.11.2

by JerryJones2 (US)
I need to review visio diagrams on a very frequent basis and this application does a great job. If you need to view visio diagrams, get this app!

by RPF13 (Switzerland)
This is the first viewer, which really works also with very complex Visio’s, multiple layers and all kind of “advanced” Visio stuff. No problem to open them on my Mac. Very great app!!!

by Jussi_V (Finland)
Excellent application, just what I needed. So far it has been able to open and show all of the VDS files that I have tried.

by NetSpirit_1975 (Russia)
Most qualitative and fast among other Visio viewers. Accurate displaying of VSD is its advantage. The price is high, but the app worths it.

by Kevsterzzz (Canada)
I have about 80 VSD and VSDX files of various types (database schemas, floor plans, flow charts, GUI designs, etc.) and this product has done a great job of opening and displaying them in their original renderings. It exports well to PDF, though I found Apple Preview to be finicky once in a while on opening them, as the zoom button seems to not want to work (alternatively if you zoom with a trackpad it works fine). I think the problem is with Preview, as a day later the same file will work without any problem. It works well with Acrobat Reader too. Once in A-Reader it appears that to be able to print on to large or giant paper formats if the printer will support it. When zooming in, in both Preview and Acrobat Reader, pixelation of text does not take place — lines seem to hold up perfectly. In fact, when it comes to zooming on one of these converted files, Preview with a trackpad is truly amazing.

by Nick Name esq (Australia)
Yup, views MS Visio files on my mac. Can’t ask for much more than that! (Well actually it would be nice if the thumbnail option was an application preference to save me having to click it for each VSD file opened…)

by Libby.Maya115 (UK)
In our company, we were subscribed to online Visio-converter. We are visualizing business processes, so the security issue is, so we decided to test this app. To our surprise, it did much more! So we purchased it for everyone decided to get rid of a monthly subscription.

by MacWalker59 (Netherlands)
The support of Nektony is responsive and great. After reporting some issues they quickly developed version 3.0.2 with fixes and promised to solve the other issues in the next upgrade 3.1 (?). My Visio drawings contain a lot of complicated objects and it is a relief to view them directly from OSX without booting Windows… Great job

by Miashka (US)
I was looking for a simple and uncluttered tool to view MS Visio files on my MBP, and gave a try to this VSD viewer. This app does the job as described, but what I really love about it is layers function – we use MS Visio to create floor plans for our office relocation, and this function in the app is exactly what I need to prepare for steering meetings – I can now show different floor plans and flowcharts (export to separate pdfs) from the same file to different departments. No more need for me to go to a designer and ask for files and versions. Now I do it easily myself. This really saves tons of time and nerves 🙂 Really glad with the decision to buy this app (although it is not cheap, but my peace of mind is worth it). Thanks developer, it really took pressure out of my head 🙂

by Elie A. Azar (US)
I’m So glad to download this VSD Viewer today! It goes beyond the abilities that are revealed in the former one I had used. Now I can open VSD files on my mac easily and view files with zoom-in/out and more functions!!! Also I can Save it to PDF for distribution. Amazing!

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