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  • Visio Viewer Mac – simple, yet powerful utility to view the most complex Microsoft Visio drawings on Mac OS X.

  • Release date: April  9

  • Top-10 Business: 101 countries

  • 5-stars ratings: 109

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What our Users Say

  • No distortions, double click to open – Scarabei – Jan 25, 2014

    This app is worth a premium. I do a lot of high end Visio work with custom stencils (Cisco, Riverbed, Juniper, etc.). I use VMware fusion to switch to Windows for that. However, just to browse existing Visio files, this app does the trick. You can either drag files to it for conversion or simply double click a *.vsd file to open. Make sure you go into Preferences and check “Render metafiles with transparent backgrounds.”

    Great little tool if you don’t own Visio – Viduificaler – Dec 16, 2014

    Have been using this tool for quite some time now. It always has worked reliably and allowed me to quickly view the Visio diagrams my colleagues are producing. Totally recommend it!

    Great Utility – Mint Shows – Jun 27, 2013

    After booting up my Windows 7 VM for the 5th time in a day to simply view a VSD file, I had enough. I found this app in the Mac AppStore and took the plunge. The $15 price point seems just right for this app as it will save me a good bit of time each day viewing my team’s VSD files. The VSD viewer has rendered everything I throw at it with no problems. The export to PDF worked flawlessly. Overall a great utility works exacly as described and well worth the price in the convenience and time it will save me.

    The winner – Ctyrider – Oct 31, 2014

    Most Visio viewers and diagramming apps on Mac are complete junk, but this one is a winner. Correctly renders even the most complex Visio documents, and export to PDF feature is a nice touch. After trying up an app for a week – this purchase was a no brainer.

    Great for all Apple Devices – Tom Mueller – Aug 2, 2014

    I have this app on all of my Apple devices. That includes my iPhone, iPad and MACs. Can’t live without it. I also have received great support when a diagram fails to display. Contact support and they send me a version that works until the fix gets into the next release.

    Great software – BJ Schmidly – Jul 24, 2014

    I’ve tried 2 other applications and this one is DEFINITELY the best. It’s worth the extra money. Highly recommend it.

    The Best VSD App Ever – Mark Hoffman – Oct 3, 2013

    Visio Мiewer is really amazing, i loved it because it helped me to escape from saving drawings to pdf. Working great, just found what i was searching for long time 🙂

    Finally! A working Visio Viewer – Ginco – Apr 17, 2013

    I stumbled across this app in a seach for a Visio viewer. I don’t want to pay for a full package (like OG), nor do i want my files shuttled to a web service (like VizMac) – I just need a simple, low-cost local viewer. It looks to be a fairly new app (April 2013) and the Nektony website shows tools for Mac, iPad and iPhone. I went ahead and took the plunge, and bought the Mac app. I tried it on several dozen Visio files (.vsd) and it works great! To me, a lone Mac user in a sea of PC users, this tool is just what I needed. I look forward to the updates. Thank you.

    Fills a big gap – Irish Mike – Jul 31, 2013

    I am sure I am not alone in that the only reason I have Windows in Bootcamp is for Visio. Although there are tools like Omnigraffle, etc on OSX, they just aren’t Visio and they can’t read VSD files cleanly. While, I still need Windows to create or edit VSDs, I can atleast look at them in OSX now which is a huge time saver. This app does exactly what it says and it does it very well. The only thing that keeps it from a 5 star for me is that I have to drag the file into the app vs just being able to open it directly. In reality, that’s no big deal, but I am a hard reviewer