FAQ – Accurate Documents Viewer

01. What the application does?

Documents Viewer displays complex MS Office documents on iPad with original quality.

02. What are the benefits of Documents Viewer?

The app enables viewing of Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on iPad as they are originally displayed by correspondent Microsoft Office applications on desktop.
Documents Viewer displays accurately, including all the details: headers & footers, wordart, watermarks, comments & review notes, rich tables formatting, etc.

03. What are System Requirements?

You can use the app on iPad on iOS 6 and higher.

04. How to Get Started With the Application?

Application requires to have a valid license to operate. You can get free license by activatng iCloud Documents & Data setting. After that you get license for one month usage.

05. What Happens After One-month Free Trial?

Though, converting of documents is available only by subscription, however you can still use for viewing of password protected documents, conversion to PDF, printing and general file management.

06. How Documents Viewer Operates?

The app send your files to remote server, where they are converted, sent back and displayed on the device. Thus, for good performance PDV requires efficient Internet connection to upload current version and download processed.

07. Should I Be Concerned about Internet Traffic Usage?

No, as Viewer uses Internet only during uploading and downloading of document, all conversion process is handled on a remote server and is executed only one time.

08. Why Second Time Documents are Opened Faster?

Because the app saves converted documents as caches to save time. So there is no need in Internet connection for documents at least once converted. Caches release function is available in Preferences.

09. How to Share Converted Documents?

Any converted document could be converted to PDF or printed via AirPrint the way they could be converted by Microsoft Office applications. For printing it is possible to set number of copies and pages range.

10. How to Access Password Protected Documents?

Password protected documents are not accessed by default system preview, but it is possible to view them within the app. During conversion, the app will ask you password for opening for Excel and Word files and may ask password for modifications

11. How to Integrate the App with Cloud Storages?

Integration is available for Box, Dropbox and MS OneDrive cloud storages. Just enable the option at application’s settings.

12. How to Organize Files with the App?

It is possible to Move, Remove, Rename and Sort files in cloud storages and built-in application manager. As well you can use bookmarks, recent list and PDF-files list.

13. How to Enable Application's Passkey Lock?

Passkey Lock is available in Application’s settings as in-app purchase.

Accurate Documents Viewer