What is the Startup Disk Full Fixer app used for?

Startup Disk Full Fixer is an app that allows you to easily free up disk space on Mac by clearing junk files, such as caches, logs, mail downloads, iTunes temporary files, app remains, mail downloads and Xcode junk.

What’s the value of the app?

Startup Disk Full Fixer helps to free more disk space in less than a minute. It finds all the junk files and allows you to get rid of them with just a few clicks.

Is the Startup Disk Full Fixer app free?

Yes. Startup Disk Full Fixer is absolutely Free to download from the Mac App Store.

What are the system requirements?

Startup Disk Full Fixer is compatible with macOS  10.13 or later and 64-bit processor. It takes only 12.5 Mb of hard drive space.

What are junk files?

Junk files are temporary files created by apps when they run. They get stored in various system directories and can even be hidden from users. Most of them are unnecessary and can take up a great deal of memory space. That’s why it is recommended that you clear them to free up your disk space.

How can I see my disk space usage?

Startup Disk Full analyzes your disk space usage and shows some brief data about your disk capacity, free memory and used memory. Just launch the app and it will do all that work automatically.

How can I free up my Mac Startup disk with the app?

Launch the Startup Disk Full app → click to analyze your disk → select junk files → click to remove them. That’s all. Depending on your disk usage, you will free up gigabytes of disk space.

How much space can I delete using the app?

Startup Disk Full is a cleanup utility that helps you get rid of gigabytes of unneeded files on your Mac. Mail downloads, app caches, logs, browser caches, iTunes temporary files and Xcode files are just a waste of your disk space. You can free up as much space as your junk files occupy.

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