Open MS Visio® on iPad

Visual documentation – various graphs, flowcharts, diagrams and charts attends any business processes. MS Visio® is often used to provide valuable business insights for various processes scenarios.

A common situation: you need to view the visual documents out of the office, or you were sent an important diagram or chart, but your computer does not have Visio®, and cannot use a variety of online services because of security requirements.

Visio® Viewer running on iPad or iPhone makes your device even more useful for business.
Visio® Viewer is a first professional viewer for diagrams and charts created in MS Visio® on iPad and iPhone.
Visio® Viewer displays drawings by Visio on iPad immediately. It does not require Internet conversion,
Opening Visio drawings is as simple as clicking the file icon of Visio on your iPad or iPhone.

Visio® Viewer Key Advantages:

  • Mobility – allows viewing, saving and printing charts and diagrams created with MS Visio on iPad or iPhone.
  • Autonomy – does not require Internet connection to open the vsd files.
  • Security – Enables password protection setup on application entrance.


If you have a bunch of business documents for work that are in MS Visio® format and you need to show them to clients, with Visio® Viewer you can quickly open Visio on iPad or iPhone. Just finger them to get more detail, if needed.

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