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    Top 5 applications for uninstalling programs on a Mac

    Running and removing applications leave lots of unwanted files on Mac, which are unable to be removed by a standard uninstall program. Special software needs to be used to delete apps completely, including all the cache files. We have tested 5 cleaning applications and prepared a short review of them for you. A List of […]

  • Uninstall-Photoshop-on-Mac-App-Cleaner

    Uninstall Adobe Photoshop from Mac

    As well as any other large app downloaded outside App Store, Adobe Photoshop creates lots of service files. They are operate similarly to caches in browser. Photoshop tracks your experience, saves states of various objects and current drawings, error logs, etc. If you was working with our disk utilities downloaded from App Store like App […]

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    Trash Hunters #8: Uninstall Steam on Mac (Gamers Must Read)

    Steam is  one of the most popular stores of digital games. It is mostly oriented on Windows platform, but there is a version with games for Mac as well. How to uninstall Steam on Mac A special feature of Steam for Mac in that it is a client. Using Steam you can browse the library […]