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  • How to clear iPhone cache

    The iPhone memory like that of any mobile device has its limits. Even if you have a 64GB or 128GB capacity, you run out of space over time. This may happen at the most inopportune moment: when you are trying to download a new application from the App Store you see the message “Cannot Download. […]

  • soft and hard iPhone resetting

    How to Factory Reset your iPhone

    In our previous articles, we were talking about Three ways to cleanup storage and How to save iPhone Storage. Today it’s time to learn how to get rid of all the content and reset your iPhone to factory settings. What happens when you reset your iPhone After factory resetting of iOS devices all the information […]

  • how to clear firefox cache

    How to Clear Cache in Firefox

    “Cache” refers to all the data on web pages viewed through a browser. The cache stores information about images, videos and any other content of websites. It helps to make your browser run faster. If the page you want to view is already in the cache, the browser instantly downloads it from your hard drive. […]