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  • clear other storage on mac

    How to clean up “Other Storage” on Mac

    If you check your Mac’s storage usage you will find that the “Other” files take a lot of memory space. What are “Other” files on a Mac and how to delete them? Apple explains this concept quite vaguely. It is believed that “Other” contains all the files that do not match these specified types: Documents […]

  • clear iPhone and iPad

    Clear your iPhone for vacations

    Summer is a time for vacations and sunny photos. Sometimes even 128 GB of memory can not protect you from the “Storage Almost Full” popup notification. When shooting photos is so important to iOS users, it can be disappointing. Don’t let it happen on your holidays. Free up your memory. Here is a short guide […]

  • Blog2016_SaveiPhoneStorageSumup

    Save iPhone Storage: Sum up

    This article concludes series on how to save storage on your iPhone as well as quickly free up space if you’ve seen the message “Storage Almost Full“. In this article we sum-up main points of how to get more space o iPhone 5, 6 and 7. Setting up Photos This is the first point when your storage space is running out and you […]