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  • macOS Sierra

    3 steps to prepare your Mac for the macOS Sierra update

    The new desktop operating system from Apple macOS Sierra is announced on September, 20th. macOS Sierra has lots of new useful features, so we highly recommend that you update. Here are three basic preparations and tips to help you update quickly and painlessly. 1. Check system requirements Here is a list of computers which operate […]

  • View and edit Visio files on Mac

    Meet a new app VSDX Annotator

    Breaking news! A new application VSDX Annotator by Nektony brings Mac users the possibility to View, Annotate and Convert Visio drawings on OS X operating system. VSDX Annotator is a powerful and professional tool, designed to let Mac users open and annotate all Visio drawing formats. It offers a total of 12 annotation tools: adding notes, comments, titles, […]

  • clear Mac

    How to clean up a Mac

    One of the reasons why Macs run slowly is a lack of free space on the hard drive. In this article we will share five tips on how to clean up a Mac. 1. Clear the Startup list Most apps are added automatically to the startup list after installing.The system spends a great deal of […]

  • clear cache on Mac

    How to clear cache files on Mac

    If you are a Mac user, you probably know that OS X stores lots of cache files. A cache file is a temporary data file created by apps, browsers and many other programs to help your Mac run faster. However, sometimes these cache files can get corrupted because of software updates, and this can cause […]

  • macOS Sierra

    macOS Sierra is coming soon. What`s new?

    Apple has announced the latest version of OS X operating system, which is called macOS Sierra. Let`s learn what the main innovations are for Mac. Picture in Picture The main feature of the new macOS is voice control support via a virtual Siri assistant. Voice Assistant can send messages, and search for photos and music. […]

  • os-x-el-capitan-logo-610x365

    OS X El Capitan Review Part 3 – SIP

    As you know Apple has always paid much attention to data security of its users. Sometimes even protecting them from themselves, making a closed system for mobile devices. Recently, Apple still paid more attention to security with the release of iPhone 5S (Secure). Now guys from Cupertino switched to OS X. If iOS originally was […]

  • os-x-el-capitan-logo-610x365

    OS X El Capitan Review Part 2 – Metal

    Mac was never considered as a gaming tool and it’s small wonder as from the first Apple computers were design for work. The main issue always was a scarce videomemory. In favor of size and power consumption all Macs used Intel microprocessor was used for this purpose. It’s great for various kinds of operations, but […]

  • 5CleanupTips

    5 Remarkable Tips of Mac Cleanup Suite

    Mac Cleanup Suite – bundle of 6 Nektony cleanup utilities for Mac OS X. 5 specific tasks you can do with this toolbox: Cleanup similar folders. One of applications – Duplicates Expert searches not only for duplicate files and folders, but similar folders as well. Find 25 biggest files for any folder you select. Right […]