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  • how to speed up macbook pro

    How to speed up a MacBook Air or Pro

    The problem when a MacBook is running slow may appear unexpectedly. There are some Mac-addicted users who will patiently wait for the next more powerful MacBook and macOS release to solve the problem. However, we recommend that you first try the easy tips and tricks that will help you to speed up an old MacBook […]

  • free up RAM

    How to clear RAM on Mac

    There are situations when you do not have enough RAM memory for a good Mac performance. In this case, you need to clear RAM on Mac as soon as possible. In this article, we will share three methods of how to free up RAM on Mac to make your system run fast. Contents: 1. What […]

  • View CPU usage

    How to check Mac CPU usage

    If you notice that your Mac’s performance is slowing down, most likely some applications are not working correctly or aggressively taking a high CPU. Fluent sorting of Mac CPU usage will help you identify a conflicting application and optimize the Mac system performance. In this article, we explain how to check CPU usage on Mac. […]