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  • clean a Mac

    5 tips to clean your Mac

    One of the reasons why your Mac’s performance slows down is a lack of free space on your hard drive. In this article we will share 5 tips which will let you clean your Mac and create more space on your hard drive. How to Clean up Mac? 1.Delete DMG files The Downloads folder contains […]

  • increase mac's speed

    5 steps to increase Mac’s speed

    After a certain length of time, a Mac’s performance starts to decline. This is normal when multiple applications are running on your computer. However, it’s not the only reason for diminished performance. In this article, we give you other reasons why your Mac slows down, and share some tips that will help you to speed […]

  • How to Make Mac Run Faster

    Memory management is a very important component of your Mac operability. Today we will tell about most important recommendations that allow you to make Mac run faster. Close Unused Applications Many users do not close applications and keep them open all the time. Usually, these are such applications as Microsoft Word (Excel, Pages, Numbers), iMovie […]