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Cleaner-App is a smart software tool, which helps you to find and get rid of unnecessary files on your Mac. We are proud to share with you the new Cleaner-App version 8.0 update! Thanks to Cleaner-App v.8.0’s new amazing features, you can organize and optimize your disk space even better and faster. So, what’s good about the Cleaner-App 8.0 upgrade?

  1. The Cleaner-App version 8.0 has an improved intuitive interface and performance. It is already optimized for the macOS Catalina.
  2. Now you can free up more storage space on your Mac, using new Cleaner-App options:
  3. – Installer Packages. Remove installation files, as apps can correctly perform without them.
    how to delete installer packages

    – Screenshots. Delete screen capture files as they become outdated over time.
    how to remove screenshots on mac

    – Photo Series.Compare several images of one photo session and get rid of unneeded ones.
    how to delete similar photos on mac

  4. Using Cleaner-App 8.0, you can scan and clean up any hard drive connected to the Mac.

Upgrade your current version of Cleaner-App or download for free Cleaner-App version 8.0 from the App Store to use this essential disk space optimizer on your Mac.

Let your computer work productively with the Cleaner-App, which combines several cleaning functions in one software application:

  • Mac disk space cleaner
  • Downloaded files finder
  • Installation files finder
  • Screenshot files finder
  • Same name files finder
  • Duplicate files remover
  • Similar photos cleaner
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