How to Change Background on Mac

In this article, we will tell you the various ways of changing the background on macOS, whether it is Macbook Pro, Air, iMac, or Mac mini. You may ask why we write about such elementary things. Ok, we know that everything is clear in Mac. However, you may learn some useful tips about quick access to this feature and save your precious time in the future. Moreover, this article will be useful for those who like to change their Mac wallpaper or screensaver pictures regularly. Just read up to the end.


  1. How to change the wallpaper on Mac.
  2. How to delete desktop pictures on Mac.
  3. How to delete screensavers on Mac.

How to Change the Wallpaper on Mac – Option #1

You can set the desktop picture right from your browser. For example, when you are surfing images in Safari, make a right click on the image you like and select “Use Image as Desktop Picture” in the context menu.
how to change desktop background

How to Change Mac Background – Option #2

Any image located on your Mac can be set as a desktop picture. Open a right-click menu → Select Services → Set Desktop Picture.

how to change desktop background

How to Change the Desktop Picture on Mac – Option #3

If you want to change a desktop picture on Mac to a standard one, make a right-click with your mouse on a free window area or double-click on Macbook touchpad → from the context menu select “Change Desktop Background.”

change the background

One more way to find Desktop & Screen Saver window is to get there from the System Preferences.

how to change mac backgroundYou will see the Desktop & Screen Saver window. Just click the pic you like and the background will be changed.

how to change desktop picture on macIt is also possible to set your pictures, located in the folder “Pictures” or in the “Photos.” If you want to add a folder of images, click on the “+” sign and add the appropriate folder.

Note that if you had earlier selected a folder located on an external hard drive or USB flash drive, disable it from the Mac and the image on the desktop will be returned automatically to the standard one.  

If you want Mac backgrounds to be changed automatically, tick the checkbox “Change picture” and specify the day, after which the picture will be changed.

How to Delete Desktop Pictures on Mac

Probably, like most the users, you don’t change desktop pictures every day or you use your own custom wallpapers downloaded from the Internet. In this case, you may want to delete background pictures to recover disk space on your Mac.
The desktop pictures are located in the following folder:

Macintosh/System/Library/Desktop Pictures

In our case, this folder contains 50 items and takes up 2.09 GB, which is huge.

how to delete background picture on desktop

If you use macOS High Sierra or earlier versions of macOS, you can easily delete desktop pictures. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Press the Command+Shift+G shortcut.
  3. Enter Macintosh/System/Library/Desktop Pictures in the search field and click G0.mac desktop picture
  4. Select the desktop pictures you don’t need and remove them to Trash.
  5. And then don’t forget to empty the Trash.

Please note, if you use macOS Catalina, you are not allowed to delete files from the Desktop Pictures folder. All the items, located in the System folder in Catalina are protected from being removed due to security reasons. The System is stored on a special read-only volume and cannot be tampered with.

How to Delete Screen Savers on Mac

You can also change your screen saver – the image, video or text displayed when the computer is not in use. Most Mac users like good screen savers and do not limit themselves to the default collection.  

If you are a screen saver fan and have a big collection of them, don’t forget that they may eat up a sizeable memory on your disk. It is recommended that you remove unneeded screen savers. For this purpose, you can use a free application App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro, designed to uninstall apps on Mac completely. It also has some more features, among which is the possibility of managing extensions and clearing screen savers.

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