MacCleaner PRO

MacCleaner Pro is a set of 6 tools, that help you clean up your Mac and make it run always like a new computer.

Any of the MacCleaner Pro bundle’s utility will help you with one of the specific needs:

Disk Expert – find the biggest, bulkiest and even hidden files and clear space on your disk
Duplicate File Remover – find and get rid of duplicate files and folders.
App Cleaner & Uninstaller – uninstall applications with all service files.
ClearDisk – remove any unnecessary files from your Mac’s startup disk.
Memory Cleaner – clear inactive RAM.
Funter – find, hide and operate hidden files on Mac.

When you get all these useful utilities, you can start a cleanup with any of them. There is no single right way, which app it is better to start with. However, we recommend to follow our user guide as the most convenient way.