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VSD Viewer for Mac is designed to support the use of the Visio® drawings for Mac users, enabling them to open and read MS Visio drawings on macOS. VSD Viewer supports binary VSD 2000-2013, and XML-based VDX/VSDX.

VSD Viewer opens the file directly on a Mac computer without conversion on external Web Servers. Viewing Visio® documents is as simple as drag and dropping of files (with a .vsd, .vsdx, .vdx extension) into the application window.

Microsoft Visio® Viewer allows you to:

  • Navigate multipage documents
  • Switch documents layers
  • Processes EMF / WMF metafiles
  • Processes OLE (Objects Linking and Embedding) -objects
  • Skip hidden objects
  • View objects outside page boundaries
  • View gradient-filled objects
  • View original dimension units

Preview formatted elements

VSD Viewer for Mac processes original objects’ fills, lines and text the same way as they are displayed by MS Visio®. All the line arrows and tabulated texts will be also displayed the way they are in Visio®. Text subscript and superscript are processed as well as dimension and state objects.

Explore drawings structure

VSD Viewer has a stunning set of features that improves the basic viewing function. It enables layers switching even hidden ones, displays only the layers you choose from the drawings menubar. In the menu bar, it is also possible to navigate all the document’s pages.

Processing Shape Data

Shape data is a special array to save hidden objects’ properties, such arrays are widely used in many various types of professional drawings. Simply enable “Shape Data Displaying” mode and objects that have those properties will be displayed. Activated objects with shape data (as many at a time as needed) will be shown on PDF-converted and printable documents.

Converting Visio® files

Convert your files to PDF for further annotation, printing and sharing, switch on metafiles transparency and extended drawing area if you operate with documents requiring these features.


VSD Viewer for Mac provides a wide set of features allowing you to preview Visio® files on macOS, print, and export them to PDF.

Basic Options of Mac VSD Viewer

View specific Visio® formatting

  • Formatted objects (lines, arrows, fill types, colors, gradients, opacity, etc.)
  • Formatted texts (fonts, colors, styles, text subscript and superscript)
  • View objects with tabulated text (texts with frames and tables)
  • View documents with hidden objects
  • Objects outside page boundaries
  • Original dimension units
  • Documents guides
  • Visio® themes support
  • Preview documents with backgrounds

Interact with Visio® drawings

  • Open and preview any MS Visio® 2000 – 2013 drawing of VSD format and VDX/VSDX file formats
  • Scroll, zoom and navigate documents
  • Navigate multi-paged documents
  • Print
  • Convert to PDF

Advanced Options of Mac VSD Viewer

Preview Visio® drawings with layers

  • Switch hidden layers visibility
  • View documents with embedded OLE-objects
  • View documents with embedded EMF and WMF metafiles
  • Print and Save PDFs of your drawings

Interact with Shape Data

  • Enable Shape Data mode to preview assigned information
  • Print & Save PDFs of the drawings with enabled Shape Data

The combination of VSD Viewer for Mac and VSD Viewer for iOS is recommended for distributed teams collaborating in a multiplatform environment, in order to support the extensive communication capabilities.

Shortcut commands

For your convenience, you can use shortcuts to quickly navigate your Visio® files.

Here is the list of available shortcuts:

Shift+Cmd+\ show all tabs
Cmd+D show shape data
Cmd+L hide hyperlinks
Cmd+U show guides
Cmd+0 view file in actual size
Cmd+1 zoom file to the page size
Cmd+2 zoom file to the page width
Cmd + ”Plus” zoom in
Cmd+”Minus” zoom out
Option+↓ go to the next page
Option+↑ go to the previous page
Cmd+T hide thumbnails
Option+Cmd+T hide the toolbar
Cmd+N go to startup window
Cmd+O open file
Option+Cmd+P save file as PDFs
Cmd+P print file
Opt+W close file
Shift+Cmd+W close all files


In the VSD Viewer preferences you can set up the following options:

  • Render metafiles with transparent backgrounds – a recommended option for documents that contain overlapped metafiles.
  • Extend drawing area – use this option to preview document content outside page bounds
  • Open saved PDF documents automatically – a recommended option for further operating with documents in the PDF format.

VSD Viewer for Mac Preferences

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