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VSD Viewer for Mac – FAQ

What is the VSD Viewer for Mac used for?

VSD Viewer is designed to open and view Microsoft Visio 2000 – 2013 documents of .vsd, .vdx and .vsdx formats on a Mac computer.

How do I open Visio files on a Mac?

To open Visio files with VSD Viewer just drag and drop files with .vsd, .vsdx and .vdx extensions to the application window or icon. You can also use the CMD+O shortcut when the application is running.

Does VSD Viewer support the iOS platform?

There are VSD Viewer applications for the iOS/ iPadOS and Android operating systems.

Which elements of Visio drawing can I preview with VSD Viewer?

VSD Viewer displays all basic elements: different and embedded texts, lines of various widths and with arrows, colors, figures and images. It allows you to preview multi-page drawings and work with tabs. It renders Metafiles, Links and Embedded Objects.

Do I need an Internet connection to open Visio files?

No, VSD Viewer doesn’t need an Internet connection, as it displays drawings offline and doesn’t send your documents to the server. As a result, VSD Viewer provides a higher level of security.

Why it takes more time to open some documents than others?

The time may depend on the file’s size. Some Visio drawings may contain a large number of EMFs or WMFs (Enhanced or Windows MetaFiles), thousands of graphic elements, both vector graphics and bitmap components and other heavy elements. Rendering big documents may require some time.

Is it possible to view objects outside a drawing’s page borders?

Yes. Go to the Menu bar → select Preferences → enable the “Extend Drawing Area” option.

Are metafiles rendered with VSD Viewer?

Yes. VSD Viewer renders both types of metafiles: WMFs and EMFs. Moreover, the app displays built-in OLE (Objects Linking and Embedding) objects.

Some drawings lose transparency after being rendered. Why?

Metafile images are rendered as opaque by default. However, you can change this in settings. To make them rendered with transparency, go to Preferences and enable “Meta-files Transparency”.

Does VSD Viewer have any limitations?

VSD Viewer does not render objects’ shadows or forms from the VB constructor, and because of memory limitations, it is not able to render large sized Visio documents.

Is it possible to edit Visio drawings with VSD Viewer?

No. VSD Viewer is designed to preview Visio files only. If you need to edit Visio files use VSDX Annotator, designed to edit and annotate Visio files on a Mac.

What are the capabilities for viewing Visio drawings?

With VSD Viewer you can preview complex drawings with multiple layers. It is possible to switch the visibility of layers and view hidden objects. Displaying Shape Data for objects is also supported.

Can I share Visio drawings?

VSD Viewer allows you to convert Visio files to PDF file format and print them. Note, when you convert or print files you can turn some layers off.

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