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App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a tool intended to clean up service files and remove applications completely. It has the full support of more than 1000 Mac applications, and as a result, it can find more service files related to those apps, unlike other ordinary uninstallers. This makes App Cleaner absolutely the most preferred program for complete removal of apps on Mac. Moreover, its additional features, which we will tell you about below, allow you to use the app for a deep clean-up of your Mac. The app is free to download from the App Store. You can choose from two modes, either the free one or the paid Pro mode, which provides more features. Let’s look at the benefits of each mode.

  • Available options of Free mode
    1. View all your installed apps
    2. View the apps’ service files
    3. View the app’s supported document types
    4. View the apps’ total sizes
    5. View the service files’ total sizes
    6. Remove the apps’ service files
    7. Find remains of removed apps
    8. Delete remains
    9. View all system extensions
    10. Stop programs from running at Mac startup
  • Available options of in-App Purchase mode

    Additional benefits:

    1.  Remove executables
    2.  Uninstall apps completely in one click
    3.  Remove system extensions
    4.  Hide ads

Let’s learn in more detail the free mode options of App Cleaner & Uninstaller.

  • 1. View the list of all your installed apps

    App Cleaner & Uninstaller scans your Application folder and shows a list of all installed apps on your Mac programs and their sizes. For your convenience, you can sort apps by size, name and date, or view the largest and oldest apps for a quick uninstalling of the bulkiest “space eaters.”

  • 2. View the apps’ service files

    View the support files, caches, preferences, crash reports,  items in the Library and all types of support documents on the right side of the window.

  • 3. View the apps’ supported document types

    Scroll down the support files section and you will find a list of all supported document types for the app.

  • 4. View the apps’ total sizes

    If you check the size of each app’s executive item alone in the top-right hand corner of the window and the full size of each application in the list of installed programs, you will be surprised at how much space the service files occupy.

  • 5. View the service files’ total sizes

    Each service file may occupy only a little space on your hard drive. However, if you check their total size, you will see that the app has gigabytes of junk files.

  • 6. Remove the apps’ service files

    If you encounter a lack of free space on your Mac, you can clean up caches and other support files. All you need do is to select the files you want to get rid of and click the Remove button.

  • 7. Find remains of removed apps

    When you delete apps by moving them to Trash, their support items will still remain on your Mac. With App Cleaner & Uninstaller you can easily find them displayed in the Remains tab.

  • 8. Delete remains

    Remains are like files dust that are cluttering the system. They can be removed with one click of the Remove button.

  • 9. View all system extensions

    User and system extensions are displayed in the “E” tab. Preview a list of launch agents, login items, Mac installations, iOS installations, preference panes, widgets, screen savers and internet plugins.

  • 10. Stop programs from running at Mac startup

    With App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro you can view the state of login items, and stop programs from running at startup easily and quickly. All you need is to enable or disable the switcher next to each program.

Benefits of Pro version of App Cleaner

  • 11. Remove executables

    While the free mode allows you to select and remove only the service files of the apps, the Pro mode allows you to select and remove even the executable item.

  • 12. Uninstall apps completely in one click

    While only the cleanup feature is available in the free mode, complete uninstalling is provided in the PRO mode. Just select all items related to the app and click Remove. (In the free mode you would first need to clear the support files and then delete the executive item manually).

  • 13. Remove system extensions

    Beside changing the state of the extensions, App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro even allows you to remove these items. For example, it may happen that some apps show notifications even after switching their launch agents off. In the case of aggressive marketing pop-ups, these user extensions can be deleted irreversibly.

    However, you should be careful with core extensions because deleting core items may give rise to errors and damage your operating system. Please make sure before deletion that you understand what files you want to delete and for what purpose.

As has been pointed out, the free mode of App Cleaner & Uninstaller gives you a lot of capabilities to clean up your Mac. You can find all leftovers or uninstall apps completely in two steps – firstly, remove the service files, then go to the Finder and delete the executive item from there. The Pro version of the uninstaller allows you to do all this in just one click and even remove unneeded extensions. Depending on your needs, choose the version of the app that suits you best.

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