Video Guides – Show and Find Hidden Files on Mac

If you need to quickly show hidden files on your Mac, find hidden files and operate hidden files, use a free application Funter, designed for these tasks. Below you will find quick video guides on how to hide and unhide hidden files on Mac.

1. How to hide and unhide files on Mac

In this video, you will learn how to hide files with Terminal and with Funter. Funter allows you to hide files in Finder with just one click.

2. How to search for hidden files on Mac

Funter allows you to find all hidden files and folders on your Mac, even the user’s Library folder which is hidden by default.

3. How to show hidden files

In this video, you will see how to show hidden files with Terminal and with Funter. When you launch Funter, its’ small icon will appear in the menu bar. All you need to show hidden files in Finder is to click this icon and change the files’ visibility with the toggle button.

4. How to use Funter to operate hidden files

Funter is a super-easy and efficient tool to operate hidden files and folders on Mac. You can show hidden files, switch their visibility, copy, remove or delete them in two clicks.


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