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  • Disk Expert new version

    Disk Expert Update

    Nektony is releasing the major update for Disk Expert. The latest version 3.0 has a whole new design and more options to manage your Mac disk space usage. Before diving into the list of improvements, just a few words about what is Disk Expert designed for. Disk Expert is a special application to analyze disk […]

  • How to prepare a Mac for macOS Big Sur update

    On June 22, 2020, Apple introduced a new macOS v.11.0 named Big Sur. Perhaps the main feature in the new system is the overall design comparable with other iOS and iPadOS systems. They changed the icons, dock, added the “Control Point,” and more for use on your iPhone. There are other great improvements that will […]

  • Get MacCleaner 2.0

    MacCleaner Pro v.2.0 is available

    Today, Nektony is excited to announce that our updated version of MacCleaner Pro is finally live! In the last few months, we have been working to improve MacCleaner Pro and we believe that the program will help you enjoy your experience with Nektony products even more. So what is the MacCleaner Pro version 2.0 all […]

  • login items on mac

    Как отключить автозапуск программ на Mac компьютере

    Каждый раз, когда вы включаете или перезапускаете ваш MacBook или iMac, некоторые программы запускаются автоматически сразу после загрузки операционной системы. Со временем, когда число программ автозапуска увеличится, скорость вашего Mac начнет замедляться. В этой статье мы расскажем как отключить автозапуск приложений на компьютере Mac и как легко управлять объектами входа. Содержание Как убрать программу из […]

  • CleanMyMac X vs MacCleaner Pro

    MacCleaner Pro and CleanMyMac X are two popular Mac cleanup tools. With the variety of specific advantages, options and solutions for macOS cleaning, it’s a highly complex business choosing the best app to clean your Mac that will fit your particular needs. To help you choose the best Mac cleaner according to your needs, we […]

  • how to make iphone run faster

    How to Speed Up Your iPhone

    In a previous article, we shared about technical malfunctions that you may face with an iPhone. For example, sometimes an iPhone can unexpectedly turn off. The reason for this may be because the ambient temperature does not match the iPhone’s normal operating conditions. Another situation you may encounter is when your iPhone is performing slowly, […]

  • itunes removal

    How to Uninstall iTunes on a Mac

    If you have tried to remove iTunes to the Trash, you definitely have seen this error message that “iTunes.app” can’t be modified or deleted because it’s required by macOS. In fact, Apple prohibits the removal of standard applications, as it may damage the viability of the system. Nevertheless, despite the warning, you can delete iTunes […]