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September 7, 2023
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Citrix Receiver is an application used to run virtual desktops on your computer. In August 2018, Citrix Receiver was replaced by the Citrix Workspace app, which works similarly to the older version of the app. Thus, you might need to uninstall Citrix Receiver from your Mac. In this article, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to correctly uninstall Citrix Receiver and all its support files so that you don’t let them waste valuable disk space on your hard drive.

Removing Citrix Receiver


  1. How to manually uninstall Citrix Receiver
  2. The easiest way to uninstall Citrix Receiver
  3. Video guide on how to uninstall Citrix Receiver

How to manually uninstall Citrix Receiver on Mac

According to the official removal guide of Citrix, you can uninstall Citrix Receiver using its installation file. If you can’t find it, download it again from the developer’s website.

Steps to uninstall Citrix Receiver using its installation file:

  1. Quit Citrix Receiver and all background processes related to the app. You can use Activity Monitor for this.
  2. Launch the installation file of Citrix Receiver.
  3. Click on Uninstall Citrix
  4. Confirm the action.

Citrix Receiver Uninstall option
In a few seconds, you will see a message that the app was successfully uninstalled from your Mac.

Please note, besides this message, you also need to manually find and remove the Citrix support files. Keep reading this article to learn how to completely uninstall Citrix Receiver from your Mac.

Find and remove the Citrix Receiver support files for complete uninstallation

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Press Command+Shift+G key combination.
  3. In the search field type ~/Library and hit Go.
  4. Find and remove the following service files of Citrix:

    • ~/Library/Internet plug-ins/CitrixICAClientPlugIn.plugin
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver
    • ~/Library/Caches/com.citrix.receiver.helper
    • ~/Library/Caches/com.citrix.ReceiverHelper
    • ~/Library/Caches/com.citrix.UninstallReceiver.mac
    • ~/Library/Preferences/com.citrix.receiver.nomas.plist
    • ~/Library/Preferences/com.citrix.receiver.nomas.plist.lockfile
    • ~/Library/Preferences/com.citrix.ReceiverFTU.AccountRecords.plist
    • ~/Library/Preferences/com.citrix.ReceiverFTU.AccountRecords.plist.lockfile
    Note: the tilde “~” sign before Library means a reference to the home directory.
  5. Citrix Receiver cache files in Finder

  6. Make sure that the files below have also been removed from your system:

    • /Applications/Citrix
    • /Library/Internet plug-ins/CitrixICAClientPlugIn.plugin
    • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.citrix.AuthManager_Mac.plist
    • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.citrix.ServiceRecords.plist
    • /Users/Shared/Citrix/Receiver Integration (entire folder)
  7. Once you remove all support files, empty your Trash bin.
  8. The last step is not mandatory but recommended. Reboot your system.

The easiest way to uninstall Citrix Receiver on Mac

The easiest way to completely remove Citrix Receiver or any other application from Mac is to use App Cleaner & Uninstaller. App Cleaner & Uninstaller removes applications entirely with all their service files in just a few clicks.

Follow these steps to uninstall Citrix Receiver from your Mac:

  1. Quit Citrix Receiver.
  2. Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  3. Select Citrix Receiver from the list of apps.
  4. Click the Remove button and confirm the action.

App Cleaner Uninstaller window showing the Citrix Receiver app
Also note, if you have already uninstalled Citrix Receiver using its .dmg file, with App Cleaner & Uninstaller you can find all leftovers of the app. For this, switch to the Remaining Files section, select and remove Citrix files.
remaining files of Citrix Receiver

App Cleaner & Uninstaller provides a free trial. You can download it now and uninstall Citrix and other unneeded apps with a few clicks.

Video guide – How to uninstall Citrix Receiver

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