Martyn Casserly
Martyn Casserly
Freelance technology writer covering Mac
Martyn has been a freelance journalist for many years. He has been writing about technology for nearly two decades. During that time he has written articles, interviews, reviews and tutorials for Macworld, Tech Advisor, Stuff, SFX and more.
Author Bio
Martyn Casserly has been a freelance journalist for many years. He has written articles, interviews, reviews, and tutorials for the most popular tech-news editions during that time. Martyn loves reviewing software, and he writes for Nektony's blog comparative reviews about popular Mac cleaning applications.
Storage space on Macs can be a struggle to manage, as many of the models come with smaller disk capacities than is comfortable in this age of 4K movies and...
Choosing the best app to keep your Mac’s system clean and free of clutter can be a daunting task due to the wide selection of quality software available at the...
Keeping your Mac’s performance in tip-top condition can be a challenge, with so many duplicate and temporary files taking up space, unused apps cluttering your hard drive and greedy programs...
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