Duplicate File Finder is the most accurate app for finding equal files on a Mac. The application allows you to quickly find all the duplicate files and folders on any type of disk; moreover, it displays similar folders. Unlike duplicate folders which contain absolutely equal content, Similar folders contain both duplicate and unique files. With Duplicate File Finder you can review Similar folders and merge them. In this article, we will take a closer look at this feature.

Merging similar folders will be especially useful for those users who are more focused on organizing disk space rather than saving it. Imagine you have a large number of similar folders. With Duplicate File Finder, you can compare these folders, and select and remove duplicates; however, the folders with unique files are retained. As a result, you still have dozens of folders although, over time, it may be difficult to find the files you need in them. But if you want to take all these similar folders and fold them into one by discarding the identical files and keeping only the unique ones, you can use the Merge folders option and complete your task in a few clicks. Follow the steps below:

How to Merge Folders with Duplicate File Finder

  1. Open Duplicate File Finder and scan your folders or disks.
  2. Switch to the Similars tab and click the Merge Folders button.

merge multiple folders into one

You will see a dialog window, which displays the folders for merging. Here you can change the merge direction as well as indicate which folders’ files would be copied to another folder.

os x merge folders

Click Options disclosure to change merge options:

  • Copy unique files
  • Move unique files
  • Remove source folder after merging
  • Merge duplicate files with different names
  • Set Finder color tag to merged files

merge two folders

Let’s take a closer look at each option:

  • Copy unique files – the unique files from one folder will be copied to another folder. As a result, you will get two absolutely duplicate folders.

move unique files

  • Move unique files – the unique files from one folder will be moved to another folder. As a result, you will get two different folders: one of them will contain a mix of duplicate and unique files;  the other folder will contain only duplicate files.

merge folders - copy unique files

  • Remove source folder after merging – after copying/moving files from one folder to another, the source folder will be removed automatically.remove source folder
  • Merge duplicate files with different names – the duplicate files with different names will be copied/moved from one folder to another.merge duplicates
  • Set Finder color tag to merged files –  select the tag color and, after the folders are merged, the files will be marked with this color in the Finder. merging folders

     3. Set up all the options you require and click Review & Merge. The application will display the duplicate files and unique files which are going to be moved or copied to another folder. In our case, there are 4 unique files to be copied.

mac os merge folders

  1. Review the files to be merged. To proceed and confirm the operation, click the Merge button. If you want to change the options or cancel the operation, use the Esc shortcut.

In our case, we were copying the unique files, so we’ve got 2 duplicate folders which have absolutely identical content. This means that you can just select and remove one of these folders and you no more need to go through dozens of duplicate files to select each of them separately.

merge multiple folders

Merging similar folders allows you to combine dozens of duplicate files and folders, making the structure pretty much easier. However, if you use the Copy unique files option while merging folders, you should understand that, in fact, you will have additional files in the destination folder. So, after merging Similars, you should rescan your drive and go to the Duplicate Folders section where you can review duplicate folders and easily remove unneeded file copies.

Use the merge option to easily organize your files and don’t leave any duplicate space eaters behind. Keep your Mac clean from useless dupe items.

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