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Uninstall DivX on Mac

You can remove DivX Mac Player and Converter through App Cleaner & Uninstaller free tool for removing software from your Mac with all supporting files.

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How to Uninstall DivX – Simple Guide for Mac OS X


First of all, make sure that you’ve closed all DivX applications. Then find the app named Uninstall DivX for Mac. It’s not presented in the Launchpad, so look in the Applications folder.

Uninstal DivX from Mac Finder Screenshot


Launch it and press Uninstall.

Uninstall DivX from mac provided uninstaller screenshot


After that, DivX apps will be removed from your Mac, but not DivX preferences and Uninstall DivX for Mac. Delete these files from locations listed below. Use a shortcut  ⌘+⇧+G to go to a specific location:

Go to folder feature screenshot

Macintosh HD > Users > [current user] > ~Library > Saved Application State > com.divx.DivX_Player.savedState

Macintosh HD > Users > [current user] > ~Library > Caches > com.Divx.Installer

Macintosh HD > Users > [current user] > ~Library > Caches > com.divx.DivXUpdate

Macintosh HD > Users > [current user] > ~Library > Preferences > com.divx.DivXComponentManager.plist

Macintosh HD > Users > [current user] > ~Library > Preferences > com.divx.WebPlayer.plist

Macintosh HD > Users > [current user] > ~Library > Preferences > com.divx.DPC.plist

Now DivX apps are completely removed from your Mac.