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  • disk usage

    How to Use Disk Expert

    Disk Expert is a fantastic tool that helps Mac users to clean up their hard drive in several minutes in a fast and intuitive manner. With Disk Expert, there is no need to spend much time searching for places where superfluous files and folders are hiding. Although to perform the cleaning process you need to […]

  • How to Change Location on iPhone

    Today smartphones combine the functions of a computer, a media player, a camera, a GPS, and other gadgets. For such a smart device, your current location is necessary to provide accurate weather forecasts, news, the exact position on a map, help locating a lost mobile phone, and for the use of many other apps. However, […]

  • How to show battery percentage on iPhone

    Apple releases new iPhone models and iOS system updates each year to provide to customers a better experience and to add innovations. For the user’s convenience, basic parameters of the new iOS update are similar to the previous iOS version. However, sometimes some options may change a lot. That happened with the battery percentage display […]

  • How to Wipe an iPhone

    Our smartphones store tons of information. There are plenty of apps, photos, videos, music, notes, and other files contained on it. Therefore, if you want to sell or gift your iPhone to someone, first you should erase all content and settings on your device. In this article, we will share how to wipe your iPhone […]

  • Why Your iPhone Won’t Turn On

    When you use a smartphone, you expect it to work properly. However, despite the device’s capabilities, you may face malfunctions from time to time. In this post, we want to share five possible reasons why your iPhone won’t turn on. In addition, we will supplement these situations with some tips on what to do when […]

  • How to Save Text Messages on an iPhone

    Today it’s hard to imagine our life without mobile phones. We daily communicate with others via calls, text messages, photos, videos, and documents. In some situations, you may need to save certain iPhone messages, including media files contained within them. Managing files on a computer is easy. But what about iPhone text messages? In this […]

  • duplicate remover pro

    The Most Advanced Duplicate File Remover

    Duplicate File Remover is a great piece of software to free up around 5-10% of duplicate space on your hard drive that is absolutely redundant. How could that happen? You have lots of files that were copied or downloaded several times, multiple documents that were saved several times, etc. Duplicate File Remover is a duplicate […]