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    Tips for Fast Duplicate File Removal

    Duplicate files are one of the chief space eaters on your disk, which not all computer users take seriously. However, these duplicates may sometimes take up a significant part of your drive space, so we recommend cleaning up duplicates periodically. Fortunately, there is a duplicate cleaner app from Nektony, which allows you to detect and […]

  • dupe files macos

    How to Find Duplicate Files on Mac

    If one fine day you find that your hard drive space is almost finished, you should start cleaning it. Unfortunately, clearing cache files might not be enough to free up sizeable disk memory. In this case, it’s now time to find and deal with duplicate files, which may occupy significant space on your Mac. Contents: […]

  • autoselect duplicates

    Duplicate File Remover Auto Select

    How to Use Auto Select Feature? In this post, we will clarify how the Auto Select feature works and how to use it properly. As you could see, we have two auto select buttons on a file type tab that should be explained in details: the button in the left section is responsible for auto selection […]