How to edit photos with Mac image Editor

The Photos app, which is a built-in image editor that comes with every Mac, is a convenient free photo editing software tool that helps you edit pictures easily. Most users jump straight to the conclusion that in order to properly edit an image, you first have to purchase sophisticated third-party software. To make a point about this, we’ve decided to dedicate this article to showing you what the native editor is capable of. Read on to learn how to edit photos easily without having to buy any third-party software.


  • 1. How to edit photos on a Mac through the Photos app
  • 2. How to import photos into the Photos app
  • 3. How to apply photo filters via the Photos app
  • 4. How to crop a picture with the Photos app

  • How to edit photos on a Mac through the Photos app

    First you will need to import a photograph into Photos so that you can view and edit it through the app. This process is fairly easy and straightforward. Simply follow the step-by-step guide to import one or more images.

    Once your photos have been imported, simply doubleclick on the photo that you wish to edit and click on Edit in the top right corner. You will see various windows that you can use to edit the image. Using these features, you can adjust the colors, increase or decrease balance, make the image both bigger and smaller, as well as a few other useful functions.

    How to import pictures into the Photos app

    Whenever you connect your device to your Mac, you will see the model information appear in the left-hand menu. Now you can simply select the photos that you would like to import through the app and click on Import in the top right corner. Check the box where it says Delete items after import if you want to have them deleted on the device. You can also import the latest photos and videos.

    If you wish, you can also separate your photographs into various albums and choose names for each image. Simply drag the photos down from the Import section to the album of your choice. Keep in mind that the album has to be created first.

    How to apply photo filters in the Photos app

    With Filters, you can choose to apply various effects to the photo and compare the differences between them. If you don’t want to spend too much time editing pictures, photo filters come in very handy as you can change the tone of your picture in just a few clicks.

    1. Choose the photograph you wish to edit and doubleclick it.
    2. Click Edit and go to Filters.
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    4. Choose from the options that you are offered in the right-hand side in the filter tab and click Done when you are ready.
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    If you change your mind about the filter, you can always revert back to the original photograph by clicking on Revert to Original.

    How to crop a picture in the Photos app

    With cropping, it’s similar to applying photo filters. Keep in mind that you can always cancel any changes that you’ve made by clicking on the Reset button, or otherwise Revert to Original. Just see below to find out how easy it is to crop images.

    1. Click twice on the photo that you plan to edit.
    2. Go to EditCrop.
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    4. Adjust the photograph to the size you need by using the Aspect and Flip features. The Flip feature allows you to rotate the photo.
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    6. Finish your editing by clicking Done.

    Now that you know how to crop a photo without using any third-party software, we will move on to the Adjust feature that comes with this app.

    How to adjust a picture in the Photos app

    Adjust is another interesting feature that allows you to modify and play with the colors, such as light, brightness, curves, and others. You can use it to make significant changes to your photograph. We advise saving your picture before making any adjustments through this feature so that you have a copy of the original.

    1. Double click on the photo that you wish to adjust.
    2. Head over to Adjust via Edit.
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    4. Use any of the modifications to your liking and click on Done when you are finished.


    Although there are numerous software solutions to learn how to edit pictures professionally, we still believe that the native editor is worth a shot. Why? Simply because of its simplicity and the fact that you don’t need to spend much time to get the hang of it. Whether you are a photo filter type of person who wants to see instant changes with the click of a button, or you prefer to play with the editing features yourself, you can always give the Photos app a try at absolutely no charge.