Mahesh Makvana
Freelance Tech Writer
Mahesh has been a tech-writer for the past many years, and his focus has been both iOS and macOS. You'll often find him tinkering around his Apple devices and finding the best ways to get things done. He loves to share his findings in the form of articles on various sites including Nektony, MakeUseOf and MakeTechEasier.
Author Bio
Mahesh is a freelance technology writer. His areas of interest are macOS, iOS, iPadOS, web apps, and non-Apple platforms. His work has been published on some major tech sites such as MakeUseOf, MakeTechEasier, AppStorm, etc. He loves to be useful for people and explain how they can get the most out of their devices. That is what Mahesh's articles on Nektony's blog are all about.
Over time, as you store more and more files on your Mac, and you use new apps on it, you find that your Mac’s performance slows down a bit. At...
When you first unbox your Mac, it runs blazingly fast and you can feel this for yourself. This is because you have not loaded any files or apps on it....
Whether you’re aware of it or you are not, your Mac actually has a number of junk files sitting on it. These files are often created by various system utilities...