Delete Web History on Mac

If you need to clear browser search data, follow the steps below.  Let’s consider Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser
  2. Go to History section (⌘+Y) or Menu (top right corner) History and Recent tabs HistoryDelete browser data #1
  3. Click on Clear browsing Data
  4. In the appeared window specify items you’d like to clean up and the time period.

Delete browser data 2

Browsing history – saved data about all visited pages.
Download history – data about downloaded files.
Cookies and other site and plugin –  files used by specific websites to recall you once you visited them again. E.g. Facebook does not ask you to enter login and password every time you enter the website.
Cached images and files – remembers images and other files, downloads them from your Mac (not from a webserver), that increases loading speed already visited.
Passwords – data about saved passwords.
Autofill form data – data about previously completed fields in webforms.
Hosted app data – data of apps added to Chrome via the Chrome Internet Store, for example from local Gmail Offline storage.
Content licenses – prevents Flash Player to play previously viewed content such as movies and music purchased. Before you sell or gift your computer to someone, be sure to perform this operation.

5. Click Clear browsing data button.

If you use ClearDisk app, you can quickly clean the hardest browser data without loosing passwords and other data necessary for easy surfing.

To perform it

  • Launch ClearDisk
  • Scan Caches
  • Find caches of used browser

clean up caches

  • Select them and press Clean.