Duplicate File Finder

The Features of Duplicate File Finder Free and Pro Modes

Duplicate File Finder is a powerful tool to find duplicate files and quickly get rid of useless iterative data on your Mac. It helps you to find all the duplicate files and folders and, as a result, you can recover gigabytes of disk space and organize your files cleanly. The app provides fast byte-to-byte comparisons of files of all types (music, video, image, doc, archive and so on), so you will be pleasantly surprised by its search speed and accurate results in handling duplicates.

Duplicate File Finder is free to download from the App Store. With the app’s complimentary mode, you can find and remove duplicate files from your computer. However, if you want to get even more useful features, just make an in-App purchase to upgrade to Pro version. Let’s look at more detailed specifications of the free and paid modes of Duplicate File Finder.


The Features of Duplicate File Finder (Free Mode)


  • Flash drive icon

    Scan any hard drive, even network drive for duplicates

  • List of duplicate files

    Get the list of all duplicate files and folders

  • Remove duplicate files

    Remove duplicate files

  • Preview icon

    Preview duplicates with a QuickLook

  • Regulate icon

    Regulate minimal and maximum size of files for scanning

  • quick autoselect

    Use Auto-Select option to select duplicates in the quickest and smartest way

  • Manage list

    Manage app options to skip specific files, folders or extension types from being scanned

  • Search twin files

    Search twin files by type, name, count, path and size

The Features of Duplicate File Finder Pro (in-App Purchase)

Get even more awesome benefits:

  • Icon folder

    Remove duplicate folders

  • Similars folders

    Review and clean up Similars – folders that have both duplicate and similar files

  • Hidden duplicate files

    Find and remove even hidden duplicate files and folders

  • Smart Cleanup icon

    Use smart cleanup hints for quicker removal of duplicates

How to upgrade to Pro

1. Launch the application and click the green Upgrade to Pro button.

duplicate finder - upgrade

  2. Click the Price Button.

upgrade duplicate finder

3. In the pop-up window enter your Apple ID and password. Please make sure that you are using the same Apple account you used when you downloaded the free mode of the app. Click Sign in.

That’s all. The in-App purchase for Duplicate File Finder is completed. You will certainly be convinced that you have Pro when you see the following changes:

  • The Upgrade to Pro button has disappeared.
  • The lock signs have disappeared.
  • The Similars tab is now available.
  • The ability to delete duplicate folders is also now available.
  • You can view the biggest Similar Folders.
  • You can Merge Folders.
  • You can use the Select Duplicates in Folder option.

*Note: Sometimes it may take some time to process your transaction by Apple Service because of an unstable internet connection or some other reasons. If, after purchasing, you still see the Upgrade button, you would need to restore the app.  Try to reboot your Mac and click again Upgrade to Pro, then use the Restore button. The issue should be solved. You don’t have to worry about your money, because, according to Apple’s rules of non-consumable type of in-App Purchase, it is impossible to pay twice.


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