Upgrade to PRO

Even more awesome features to find any duplicate file or folder

  • Duplicates-Expert-Folder-Duplicates

    Folder Duplicates

    Quickly delete duplicate files by deleting identical folders.

  • Duplicates-Expert-Similar-Folders

    Similar Folders

    Duplicates Expert finds similar folders as well as completely duplicate.

  • Duplicates-Expert-Hidden-Files-Support

    Hidden Files Support

    The app searches for duplicates not only in “visible” spectrum, but in hidden as well.

  • Quick Hints

    Quickly delete duplicate files and folders with smart hints provided by the application.


  • Duplicates-Expert-Smart-Scanning

    Smart Scanning

    Our smart search & comparison algorithm works fast in background saving your time.

Other Features

  • Duplicates-Expert-Auto-Select


    If you have lots of duplicates, click “auto-select” and let the app do the magic.

  • Duplicates-Expert-Customizable-Size

    Customizable Size

    Adjust minimal size of scanned files manually or rely it on the app’s algorithm.

  • Duplicates-Expert-Quick-Search

    Quick Search

    Search duplicates by name, size, total size, date, count and path.

  • Duplicates-Expert-Quick-View

    Quick View

    Preview all duplicates in Quick View or even open them in Finder.

  • Duplicates-Expert-Skip-Lists

    Skip Lists

    Exclude specific folders, files and extensions from being scanned.

  • Duplicates-Expert-All-Drive-Support

    All-Drive Support

    Scan all hard drive types that you can access from your Finder (network drives as well).