How to uninstall VPN Shield from Mac

remove vpn shield
Basically, you have two options to uninstall Hotspot Shield from your Mac. Please, use one of the methods below in order to uninstall VPN Shield from your Mac computer completely and safely.


  1. Uninstall VPN Shield manually.
  2. Delete VPN Shield with App Cleaner.

Uninstall VPN Shield Manually

To uninstall VPN Shield manually perform the following steps:

  1. Quit VPN Shield.
  2. Then remove VPN Shield from the Applications folder.
  3. Uninstall VPN Shield from MacOS

  4. After that find and remove the application’s service files. They are stored in the following locations:
    • ~Library > Containers > com.stidia.vpnshieldhelper
    • ~Library > Containers > com.stidia.vpnshield remove vpn shield*~Library is a hidden folder. Use a freeware Funter to view hidden files or press the ⌘+⇧+G shortcut for moving into a specific location in Finder.

    get library

  5. Then just empty your Trash folder.