How does Duplicate File Finder differ from other duplicate viewers?

  1. Duplicate File Finder is fast. It has a really fast scanning algorithm to find duplicate files.
  2. It provides a possibility to find duplicate files in multiple different folders at a time. You can also scan multiple disks.
  3. Found duplicates are visualized as a bar chart.
  4. Duplicates even in hidden folders can be found.
  5. It offers Cleanup hints for removing duplicates in the fastest way.
  6. It finds duplicate folders.
  7. It finds similar folders – folders that don’t have entirely duplicate content.
  8. It finds similar photos – photos which look alike but are not 100% identical.
  9. It shows you the visual progress of files selected for removal.
  10. It allows selecting duplicates in a particular folder.

What does “Similar Folders” section show?

In the section “Similar Folders” you see the folders that have both similar files and other files that are unique for every folder. Duplicate File Finder is the only app that finds similar folders.

What is the difference between Duplicate folders and Similar folders?

Folder duplicates are the folders that have absolutely identical content, including files and subfolders. Similars are the folders that include both identical and unique files.

What is the difference between Duplicate pictures and Similar photos?

Duplicate pictures are absolutely identical files which have the same size, extension and binary data. Similar photos are slightly different shots of the same scene. Similar photos usually just look alike but are not exactly the same.

Is it possible to search for duplicates by name?

Yes. To find duplicate by name, just type the name in a search field. Duplicate File Finder will filter a list of duplicates by name.

I want to skip my subfolder from searching duplicates. Is it possible?

Yes. Go to Duplicate File Finder Preferences from a menu bar, choose Skip List tab and add folders to this list.

Can I exclude some files from duplicates searching process?

Yes. Go to Duplicate File Finder Preferences from a menu bar and as well, add the files to Skip list.

When I click Remove, are the files deleted permanently?

When you remove duplicates with Duplicate File Finder By default files and folders go Trash. If you want to remove them permanently, go to the app Preferences and in a a Remove tab select the Removal method.

Is it possible to automatically remove empty folders which remain after deleting several duplicate files?

Yes. For this option, you need to enable Remove empty folders in Preferences.

What is Auto Select?

Auto Select button selects automatically selects duplicates that have in their names words such us “copy”, “copy 2”, “copy of”, etc. Such names are created by default when you copy a file and paste it in the same folder. You can customize the Auto Select command using the auto select rules in the app preferences.

Are duplicates in hidden folders shown?

Yes, you can search for duplicates even in hidden folders. Go to Duplicate File Finder Preferences and enable Scan Hidden Folders option.

Is it possible to remove all file entries, including original file?

Yes; however, by default this option is disabled. Go to application Preferences and enable the option Allow removing all duplicate copies in the Advanced tab.

Can I specify the priority folder to remove duplicates from or to keep duplicates in?

Yes. You can choose a specific folder to remove duplicates from. Open the context menu on any duplicate file and use the command “Add to Always Select List” or “Add to Never Select List.”

You can also manage duplicate folders in the Preferences → Auto Select tab. Read more >>

Why do I get the message “You have no permission” when I’m trying to remove duplicates?

Duplicate File Finder allows you to move duplicate files to the Trash by default. However, you might not have permission to do that. This may happen in the following cases:

  • The file is being used by another program.
  • You don’t have the necessary user account permission to remove it. To get the permission, switch to Finder, select the file and use “Get Info” command from the context menu or by using Cmd+I key shortcut. Change the file permission in the Sharing & Permissions category.

If you are scanning an external storage, then the reasons for the message might be:

  •  Your external drive does not have a Trash bin yet. A Trash bin for external storage is created when you remove a file via Finder. So to resolve this issue you should remove any one file on external storage in Finder.
  • Your disk is connected to your external storage as a read-only. This could happen, for example, if you have connected your disk with NTFS and don’t have a driver to write to NTFS. You should therefore install the necessary extension to allow removal of the duplicates.

Can I restore removed duplicates?

Yes, you can. Go to Menu Bar → click Window → History → select files and click to Restore. Read more >>

Can I find duplicates on an external Disk?

Yes, you can. Duplicate File Finder allows you to scan for duplicates on any readable drive on macOS. Read more >>

Is it possible to get a list of the biggest duplicates?

Sure. Sort the duplicates by size in the list of files, and preview the duplicates arranged according to their total size. You will find the duplicates which occupy the most disk space.

Can I merge scanned folders?

Yes. With the app you can merge Similar folders. For this, go to Similars tab → click Merge Folders → specify preferences and confirm merging. Read more >>

What is an outside duplicate?

When you use the Select Duplicates in Folder feature, you compare different folders for identical files. The outside duplicate is a copy of your duplicate files kept in another folder.

Does Duplicate File Finder display the original file among the duplicates?

Please note, all duplicate files are absolutely equal and they have the same size, extension and binary data. The duplicates may differ each from another by the file name only. It is impossible to say which files are originals and which files are the copies. That’s why Duplicate File Finder displays all duplicate files. You should select by yourself which files you want to keep and which files you want to delete.

How many computers can I use one single license on?

If you downloaded Duplicate File Finder from our website, you can use one license on up to 2 Mac computers for one user.
If you downloaded Duplicate File Finder PRO from the App Store, you can use it on up to 5 Mac computers with the same Apple ID. Also, you can use Apple Family Sharing to install the app being signed in by the Apple ID of your family members.
If you downloaded the free version of Duplicate File Finder from the App Store and then upgraded to Pro using the In-App purchase option, you can use 1 license on up to 5 Mac computers associated with your personal Apple ID. You cannot share a license with your family members because Apple Family Sharing is not supported by apps with In-App Purchase license policy.

I bought the Upgrade to Pro for Duplicate File Finder as In-App purchase in the App Store. How do I activate the Pro mode?

Open Duplicate File Finder, open the Upgrade to Pro window and in the appeared window click the Restore button.

I bought a license on the website but did not receive a license key. How do I get the key?

Once you purchase a license key for the app, the license is automatically sent to your registered email address. In case you don’t see the message, please, check your Junk or Spam folders.
If you purchased with PayPal, the email is sent to the address registered with PayPal.
It is also possible that you registered an incorrect email address. In this case, please contact our support team at [email protected] We will check and send you your license.

How to uninstall Duplicate File Finder?

Follow these steps to manually uninstall the app:

  1. Quit Duplicate File Finder.
  2. Go to the Applications folder → remove Duplicate File Finder to Trash.
  3. In the Finder’s menu bar, click Go → Go to Folder → in the window that appears, type ~/Library, and hit Go.
  4. Within the Library folder find and remove Duplicate File Finder service files. Note, depending on the version of the app you use, you will need to find and remove different folders.
    • If you downloaded the free version of the app from the App Store, find and remove the following files:
      ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.nektony.Duplicates-Finder
      If you purchased directly the PRO version of the app on the App Store, find and remove these files:
      ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.nektony.Duplicates-Expert
      If you downloaded the app from the site, find and remove these files:
      ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.nektony.Duplicate-File-Finder-SII
      ~/Library/Application Support/com.nektony.Duplicate-File-Finder-SII
  5. Once you removed all service files, empty your Trash bin to completely uninstall Duplicate File Finder.

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