Why is Duplicate File Remover Pro better than other duplicate viewers?

1. It’s fast. Duplicate File Remover Pro has a really fast scanning algorithm to find duplicate files.
2. It allows you to find duplicate files in multiple different folders at once. Scanning of multiple disks is also possible.
3. It visually displays found duplicates as a bar chart.
4. It can find duplicates in hidden folders.
5. It provides you with Cleanup hints for fast duplicates removal.
6. It finds duplicate folders.
7. It even finds similar folders, which don’t have completely duplicate content. We save them in Similars section.
8. It shows you the visual progress of files selected for removal.

Similars – what is it?

Similars are folders that have both similar files and other files that are unique for every folder. There is no other app that finds similar fol ders. Read more about similars.

Folder duplicates and similars – what’s the difference?

Duplicate folders have absolutely identical content, including files and subfolders. Similars are folders that have some identical files, and some unique ones.

Is it possible to get a list of duplicates that use most disk space?

Sure. Sort files by Total size in the duplicate file list and you will get duplicates list ordered by their total size (count*size).

Can I find a duplicate file by its name?

Yes. Scan a folder. Use the search field in duplicates file list to find a duplicate file by name.

Is it possible to skip my subfolder from searching duplicates?

Yes. You should add any folder to the  Skip list. Use applications Preferences to set up it.

How to exclude some files from duplicates searching process?

As well, add the files to the Skip list.

Are files removed permanently?

By default files and folders are removed to Trash. If you want to remove them permanently, enable Remove duplicates permanently option in Preferences.

Can I find duplicates in hidden folders?

Yes. By default, hidden folders are skipped from duplicates scanning. You can enable scanning hidden folders in Duplicate File Remover Pro Preferences.
Go to Menu → Duplicate File Remover Pro → Preferences→ Scan tab or use ⌘, shortcut.
Tick “Scan hidden folders” to start searching for hidden duplicates as well.


Note, that changed Scan Options will be applied during the next scan. Please be careful when you operate hidden files, as removal of some of them may damage the system.

Can I remove all file entries, including original file?

Sure. But by default this option is disabled. You can enable the option “Allow removing all duplicate copies” in the application’s preferences.

  1. Go to Menu → Duplicate File Remover Pro → Preferences or use a shortcut “⌘,”
  2. Go to the Remove tab
  3. Tick “Allow removing all duplicate copies”

By enabling this option you can remove all the duplicates including the original file. So, please, be careful, as you might remove both duplicate and original files and folders.


Can I find duplicates on external Disk Drive?

Yes. You can find duplicates on any drive that readable on OS X.

What does  the Auto Select button do?

The Auto Select button allows you to select automatically duplicate files that have in their names words such us “copy”, “copy 2”, “copy of”, etc. Such names are usually created when you copy and paste a file and as a result, your Mac adds to the name a word “copy” by default. Auto Select button selects all these copies. If you need to preview any other duplicate files then use “Select Any Copies” command.

How does “Select Any Copies” command differ from “Auto select” command?

Duplicate File Remover Pro searches for duplicates in your folders. It provides two ways of searching:

1.Auto Select command

If you use the Auto Select button, then the app automatically selects duplicates that are named with such words as “copy”, “copy 2”, “copy of”, etc. These names are usually created by default on your Mac when you make copies of files with copy-pasting.



2.Select Any Copies command

If you need to preview any duplicate files and folders use the “Select Any Copies” command. This command is available also via CMD+K keyboard shortcut.


Not all identical files are selected as duplicates. Why?

All files are scanned for duplicates by their content, not by name. If the files have different sizes and differ each from other by at least one byte, then these files can’t be duplicates.

How to speed up duplicates searching process?

You can make searching for duplicates faster by increasing the minimal size for files to be scanned. More about fast finding

After removing several duplicate files I got empty folder, is it possible to remove it automatically?

Yes. Enable the option Remove Empty Folders in Preferences.

There are some duplicates on my Mac that Duplicate File Remover Pro doesn`t show. Why?

When the app is searching for duplicates it limits the size of the files that have to be scanned, as in most cases, users need to find the biggest duplicates in an acceptable amount of time. You can change the settings to view all of the duplicates. Go to Menu → Scan → enable “Manually setup minimal file size” → set the slider to the position of “All files”. Note, that in this case duplicate searching time may increase significantly.

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