Tracking of App Leftovers

We all know that our applications are usually stored in the Applications folder and removed therefrom.

But not everyone knows that often each program creates a bunch of system files scattered in different locations all over hard drive.

Here is a list of directories that can be stored in the system files of applications:

  • HD / ~Library / Caches
  • HD / ~Library / Logs
  • HD / ~Library / Containers
  • HD /~Library / Application Support
  • HD / Users / <current user> / ~Library / Cookies
  • HD / Users / <current user> / ~Library / Address Book Plug-Ins
  • HD / Users/ <current user> / ~Library / Application Support
  • HD / Users / <current user> / ~Library / Application Support / CrashReporter
  • HD / Users / <current user> / ~Library / Preferences
  • HD / Users / <current user> / ~Library / Saved Application State
  • HD / ~private / var / db / BootCaches

Tilda before the “Library” means that the folder is hidden. If you don’t know how to display hidden files and folders, read this article:

Show Hidden Files on Mac

And this is not a complete list. There are occasions when these files weigh more than the application itself.

The procedure for deleting these files is quite long and non-trivial: you have to get inside of every folder and choose carefully among many files. Fortunately, we have developed a free application that allows you to delete all of the system files and applications on your Mac.


App Cleaner

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