Clean up your Mac with Funter

Funter is a special app to find hidden files and show hidden files on a Mac. Funter makes it easy to not only operate hidden files on Mac but also have quick access to the tools to view and operate removable files on your disk. Funter shows how many junk files, duplicates, unused applications and old files are stored on your Mac, and allows you to quickly open a tool to get rid of them. You can optimize your Mac with Funter manually or download MacCleaner Pro to quickly do it with the bundle’s tools. Let’s learn about this option in more detail.

Cleaning junk files is something that should be done periodically to prevent cluttering your disk space. When you launch any app, it creates temporary files (caches, logs, preferences, etc.). Over time, the number of these files grows significantly. Even when you drag and drop apps to Trash, their service files still remain in your system. Moreover, all too often users forget to remove unneeded files in the Downloads folder and to empty the Trash. So it’s time to get rid of them. Here’s how to do it right from the Funter window.

  1. Open the Funter window from the Menu bar and click to open System Usage details.
  2. In the Disk Usage click on Junk files. You will find detailed information about:

    • Caches
    • Downloads
    • Uncleaned Trash
  3. Click the button to launch MacCleaner Pro and clear these files.

MacCleaner Pro will let you do a fast cleanup with several clicks. Click to clean up Junk files, review the types of junk files for removal, and confirm the removal.
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Get MacCleaner Pro to clear junk files on a Mac

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