Clean up your Mac with Funter

Funter is a special app to find hidden files and show hidden files on a Mac. Funter makes it easy to not only operate hidden files on Mac but also have quick access to the tools to view and operate removable files on your disk. Funter shows how many junk files, duplicates, unused applications and old files are stored on your Mac, and allows you to quickly open a tool to get rid of them. You can optimize your Mac with Funter manually or download MacCleaner Pro to quickly do it with the bundle’s tools. Let’s learn about this option in more detail.

You definitely will have some apps installed on your Mac which you don’t use regularly, some not at all. Nothing serious about that if only these programs didn’t occupy so much of your Mac’s disk space. It’s time to review the list of installed applications and uninstall unused ones. You can view the number of unused programs with the help of Funter.

  1. Click Applications in the Funter window to get the details:

    • Number of unused apps
    • Used space by these apps

    Actually, there are three ways to uninstall apps on Mac completely and correctly. But the quickest, safest and easiest way is to use App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
    Funter window showing applications info

  2. Click to open App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  3. When the scanning of the Application folder is complete, sort the apps by size, select unneeded ones and click Remove.
  4. App Cleaner Uninstaller window

Get App Cleaner & Uninstaller by downloading MacCleaner Pro

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