Uninstall Hotspot Shield from Mac

Asya Karapetyan
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September 26, 2023
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If for any reason you can’t uninstall Hotspot Shield from your Mac computer, follow our step-by-step removal guide. We will explain two methods on how to remove Hotspot Shield completely without leaving any trace so that to prevent any issues on your computer. removing Hotspot Shield


  1. How to uninstall Hotspot Shield manually.
  2. How to remove Hotspot Shield quickly.

How to Uninstall Hotspot Shield Manually

  1. Close Hotspot Shield. For this, when Hotspot Shield is active, press ⌘+Q or go to the Menu bar and select Quit Hotspot Shield. Quit Hotspot Shield menu command
  2. Then remove Hotspot Shield from the Applications folder.
  3. Find and remove remained support files of Hotspot Shield from the hidden ~/Library folder. In Finder press ⌘+⇧+G and type ~/Library. Press Enter.
  4. Go to the Folder search panel

  5. In the Library folder, find the following directories:
    • ~/Library/Application Script/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac
    • ~/Library/Application Script/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.hsshelper
    • ~/Library/Application Script/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.HydraTunnelProvider
    • ~/Library/Containers/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.hsshelper
    • ~/Library/Containers/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.HydraTunnelProvider
    • ~/private/var/folders/v6/4qm4dbr50xqc_y0lsz8dx3680000gs/T/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac
    • ~/private/var/folders/v6/4qm4dbr50xqc_y0lsz8dx3680000gs/T/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.hsshelper
    • ~/private/var/folders/v6/4qm4dbr50xqc_y0lsz8dx3680000gs/T/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.HydraTunnelProvider
    • ~/private/var/folders/v6/4qm4dbr50xqc_y0lsz8dx3680000gs/C/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac
    • ~/private/var/folders/v6/4qm4dbr50xqc_y0lsz8dx3680000gs/C/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.hsshelper
    • ~/private/var/folders/v6/4qm4dbr50xqc_y0lsz8dx3680000gs/C/com.anchorsfree.hss-mac.HydraTunnelProvider

    As you can see, you should search for files using the developer’s name AnchorsFree.

    Hotspot Shield Containers folders

  6. Delete all the files related to AnchorFree and Hotspot Shield. Then empty Trash and reboot your Mac. Sometimes you may have some problems with the Internet connection but Mac rebooting will fix them.

Well, searching for the support files of Hotspot Shield seems to be not an easy job. Moreover, each user may have a different number of support files and all of them may be scattered over the Mac hard drive. That’s why we recommend using App Cleaner & Uninstaller to delete Hotspot Shield from your Mac.

How to Remove Hotspot Shield Quickly

  1. Download a special removal tool  App Cleaner & Uninstaller. This utility is aimed to uninstall software with all their support files and folders.
  2. Launch the uninstaller and select Hotspot Shield from the list of scanned apps.
    Hotspot Shield application selected for complete removal
  3. Click to uninstall the VPN app.
  4. Confirm its removal.
    Confirmation window to remove Hotspot Shield completely

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