How to Uninstall GIMP from Mac

uninstall gimp

Way 1 – Uninstall GIMP Using App Cleaner

App Cleaner is a free application aimed to uninstall applications with all their support files from your Mac.remove gimp from mac


App Cleaner Quick Links:

Way 2 – Remove GIMP Manually

1. Close GIMP. Use ⌘+Q or go Menu → GIMP → Quit GIMP.

Uninstal gimp mac #1

2. Remove GIMP from Applications folder. Go Macintosh HD > Applications.

uninstall gimp #2

3. Remove following system files and folders

  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Application Support > GIMP
  • Macintosh HD > Users > [current user=””][/current] > ~Library > Saved Application State > org.gnome.gimp.savedState

Download a Quick Uninstaller

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