Phone Cleaner User Guide for iOS

Clean up a storage on iPhone or iPad

Phone Cleaner is an utility that allows you to clean up to 60% storage in 2 steps.
Fast cleanup provides a possibility to scan a storage for the largest media and remove them.
Deep cleanup allows to scan synchronously your Mac and iOS device to find images that present on both devices
and offers to delete duplicate from iPhone or iPad.

How to find the largest photos and videos

1.Launch Phone Cleaner on iPhone
Give to Phone Cleaner access to your Photos




If in some case you didn’t confirm access at first launch, you can change it in settings


2.Press Fast Cleanup to find photos and videos of the biggest sizes.

fast-cleanup-clean storage

3. Scan your iOS storage memory for the largest media files. A list of videos and photos will be shown in descending order of size. Select the files you want to delete. You can do it in variable ways:


      • Select the files in a Gallery.

clean up storage

      • Preview and select files in a Cover Flow. Swipe left or right to show next or previous file. Swipe down to move the file to a Trash.

phone cleaners

4.Go to a Trash section and click Remove selected. A pop-up window will appear to confirm your action. Click Delete


 iphone cleaner app


5. When removing process is finished Phone cleaner will show how much memory is cleared in your storage.
memory cleaner app for iphone
Note: the removed files go to Recently Deleted folder in Photos app. Don`t forget to delete them decisively.

How to clear files on iPhone that have duplicates on Mac

1.Press Deep Cleanup section

deep-cleanup-clean storage

2. Launch Phone Cleaner on iPhone and Mac. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.
interPhotos iOS Wi-Fi
3.Connecting Devices
Press Find Duplicates if you have one Mac with launched Phone Cleaner
interPhotos iOS one
if you have more than one Mac with active Phone Cleaner – choose one you want to scan
interPhotos iOS mult
Allow access on your Mac
phone cleaner - connection
In this step application scans Mac and iOS device. It will take some time. Wait until scanning ends.
interPhotos iOS scan
5.Remove Duplicate Files


Photos will be removed from your iPhone (iPad) only and remain on your Mac


Select and remove images you want to delete. Also you can use such features like select all items and images preview (by pressing on them with select mode off)




Once again we will remind that Phone Cleaner delete images from iOS device ONLY. After uninstallation photos will go to Recently Deleted album. If you need to delete them immediately – clear it.
interPhotos ios trash