5 Tips How to Free up Disk Space on Mac

  • 1. Delete duplicate files in iTunes

    Sometimes you can have similar music, video, books downloaded twice or more. 
To check them:

    • Launch iTunes
    • Chose View from menu bar
    • Chose Show Duplicate Items
  • delete-itunes-music

2. Delete Unnecessary Desktop Pictures

OS X has lots of pre-installed images. To be exact: 52 wallpapers with 5120 x 2880 resolution, 432 Mb in total. 

Folder location:
 ~ Macintosh HD / Library / Desktop Pictures. Here is an article on how to delete them.

  • delete-fonts-mac

  • 3. Delete Fonts

    As well as wallpapers there are fonts that you never use: Chinese, Korean, Hindu, etc. Step-by-step guide here. 900 Mb. Folder location: ~ Macintosh HD / Library / Fonts.

4. Delete Dictionaries

Almost the same as with fonts, your Mac system and apps are prepared for various countries. Do you really need all those German and Italian dictionaries? 
818 Mb more. Location: ~ User / Library / Dictionaries.

  • 5. Delete Applications and / or Caches

    Do you know that messenger apps save all photos and texts you’ve sent while chatting? Tons of space can be taken away. Use special apps like App Cleaner & Uninstaller to inspect applications and its caches.

  • safari slow on mac

  • Bonus: Find and Remove Junk Files

    Despite caches, each Mac users has tons of other junk files on a computer: logs, browser’s cache, iTunes temporary files, mail downloads and so on.  To find and remove them, use a free application Startup Disk Full Fixer.