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Disk Space Analyzer is a fantastic tool that helps Mac users to clean up their hard drive in several minutes in a fast and intuitive manner. With Disk Space Analyzer, there is no need to spend much time searching for places where superfluous files and folders are hiding. Although to perform the cleaning process you need to check all the hard drive, it doesn’t take much time. Generally, you need around 20 seconds per 100 Gb to scan the ordinary drive and half a minute if it is a system one. After scanning your hard drive or custom folder will look similar to this:

disk space analyzer app window showing how to check mac disk space

How does Disk Space Analyzer show Disk usage

The center of the diagram is a hard drive itself; adjacent sectors are root folders and files. Every next sector represents a subfolder or subfile. If you click on a sector it will be placed in the center position and only its items will be displayed by the same algorithm. You can drag and drop files & folders from the diagram to “Drop Section.” From Drop Section they can be transferred to specific folder, copied or just removed.

disk space analyzer window showing how to move big files

As well on the right side, there is a list of 25 biggest files for a selected folder, that safes much time. There is no need to search for large files, Disk Space Analyzer does it for you. The list updates automatically for every new folder it explores during disk scanning. In a case if you click on an item it will be highlighted both on a diagram and list, respectively after moving of any item into a “droplist”, it will be marked with a red color.

File & Disk Management

Disk Space Analyzer also can be used for organizing disk space. You can move or copy files to other folders. After deleting or moving files the sunburst diagram will be updated. There is no need to perform scanning repeatedly. Also, there is no need to switch between Finder and Disk Space Analyzer to check whether you need this file. Simply use a quick look option to preview files right from the program. You can use the context menu or a key shortcut Command+Y. To check information about the file press Command+ I.

quick look file in Disk Space Analyzer

Supported Drives

Disk Space Analyzer supports all volumes (HDD volumes, CD and DVD discs, removable USB drives, mounted Disk Images and SMB disk images) and displays even hidden system items.

NOTE: As well as user data Disk Space Analyzer shows hidden and system, i.e. Libraries, Cashe, Application logs, Mail Accounts, Software Updates, etc. If you scan your startup disk, these files will be marked with white color. Please be careful when removing system files. The removal of some files can damage your system.

Disk Space Analyzer

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